7 Easy tricks to make your everyday meals healthier and tastier


Eating well and living a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be challenging, especially during a busy day. But making time to prepare and cook healthy meals is a key component for a good nutrition. Here are 7 healthy tricks that will help you mix things up and stay healthy.


Spice things up

Not a fan of spices? It might be worth getting used to using them! They are high in nutrients such as calcium and vitamin A and C. Spices boost your metabolism, help burn fat and are good for your stomach. Here are four spices that make a tasty and easy add to your meals:

- nutmeg: use it in baked goods like pies, sweet bread and baked apples. It works very well with yogurt, and oatmeal and it’s a great substitute for sugar in coffee.

- allspice: a superb spice to use in savory cooking. You can use this spice in pumpkin pies, desserts and cookies. Perfect for seasoning pork, chicken and smoked meats.

- cinnamon: pairs well with apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

- chilly: can be used as chili powder or crushed dried chili. Sprinkle it on scrambled eggs, sandwiches, stir-fries, soups or stews. You can ever use it in chocolate desserts.


Do it yourself – dressing

Stop using pre-made salad dressing. All you need is to mix balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and your choice of fresh herbs. Adding a little chopped garlic and spices is your option.


Go Greek

Skip oil, mayo, heavy cream and butter and reach for Greek yogurt.  It’s full of calcium, protein and probiotics and it gives your salad enough creaminess. Use it in chicken, potato and egg salads.


Use applesauce

Use applesauce as a substitute for both eggs and butter. The ratio of applesauce to butter is one to one, and you can replace a large egg with ¼ cup of applesauce.  It will give your recipes a natural sweetness and fiber.


Thicken soup with cauliflower

Use mashed cauliflower to make a deliciously veggie soup. You can also use carrots, zucchini, potatoes or white beans.


Make oats your friend

Instead of using all traditional white flower for cookies, breads and other desserts,  use a blender to grind oats into a fine powder. There won’t be much change in taste and consistency. Not to mention you’ll have more protein and fiber.


Other simple ingredient substitutions

- rice with quinoa – quinoa has 150% more fiber and 100% more protein than white rice

- mayo with mustard – unlike mustard, mayo contains sugar and saturated fats

- croutons with almonds – almonds have twice the protein and three times the fiber of croutons

- chocolate chips with cacao nibs – cacao nibs have five times the fiber of regular chocolate and no sugar

- potato chips with popcorn – popcorn has a lot less saturated fat and fewer calories


The possibilities of good-for-you foods are endless, so start making your favorite recipes healthier! Try these hacks and see what works best for your taste buds.

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