Getting into shape doesn’t mean having to purchase expensive equipment or even pay for gym memberships. All you really need is the right combination of full body exercise techniques that work out all of your muscles so that you can get into shape quickly.

Here are five of the best full body exercises that you can do at home or at the gym if you so desire. You will need a set of free weights to do some of these exercises, but the net effect will be a stronger, healthier you when the techniques are performed correctly.



Good, old fashioned squats are arguably the best exercise you can do for your legs and lower body. Here, you work your gluts, hamstrings and hips all in one motion and it strengthens the core muscles as well. If you add weights or resistance the squats will also work the upper body as well. Working the lower body helps to increase the lean muscle mass of your legs and gluts which in turn helps you to reduce the excess fat in your body.



This is another great lower body exercise that is simple to do and yet works out a considerable number of muscles. Here, you work the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps all in one motion and you can add to its effectiveness by placing a dumbbell in each hand. A proper lung also helps to stretch the muscles as well depending on which type is used and you can even move forward doing lunges until you reach a certain pre-determined point.



This is a combination of the squat and push up which may not be the most dignified, but it is a very effective exercise that really works. Start by standing upright and then squat down until your hands are flat against the ground. Then, kick your feet out the back so you can do a push up. Once you’ve completed the push up, pull your feet back in and stand upright again. This is a great advanced exercise that works most of the major muscle groups.


Push Ups

This old school full body exercise is arguably the best for the arms, shoulders and chest all in one when done correctly. The push up primarily targets the triceps, chest and core muscles and is an excellent form of resistance exercise. Plus, they can be performed balanced on the toes or the knees for lesser resistance.



Here, you’ll need a barbell and some heavy weights, but it is one of the best exercises for the body. You’ll need the proper technique to avoid injuring your back. However the results will be well worth the effort. All you need to do is squat down until you can grasp the barbell and then lift it up to your thighs by straightening out your knees while keeping your arms straight.  Remember to keep your back straight and perhaps wear a weight belt to prevent injury, but this is a great full body exercise.


By doing all five of these exercises, you can get into superb shape and keep your muscles toned while burning away the excess fat.

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