5 Reasons Why Tennis Players Must Wear Elbow Braces

Tennis is a great sport and an excellent way to keep your body active. The problem is that it targets your elbows specifically. When you are a beginner, and you are just learning the ropes, it can be challenging to learn how to hit the ball accurately so that your elbow will not catch all the excess pressure. One way to help overcome this is by wearing elbow braces. Read the article below to know more about why you should wear one.


Elbow Recovery


If you are experiencing any elbow discomfort from a previous tennis injury, then an elbow brace is a must-have for you. It prevents any further injury by keeping your joint at the right angle. An elbow brace is excellent for keeping your elbow functional even if you are just recovering from a preexisting injury. The compression from the brace keeps everything in place and limits the amount of tension and pressure.


Think of it this way: if you have bad knees and you are a runner, you’d wear knee braces to mitigate the pain and facilitate the healing process. Ankle braces are for those with sprained ankles that are in the process of healing. 

 Tennis Elbow Brace

Injury Prevention


Your whole body runs the risk of getting injured while playing tennis, but your elbow is the one that is most susceptible. It receives all the impact and pressure when the tennis ball hits the racket. One of the most common injuries in the world of tennis is called tennis elbow. This is an inflammation in the tendon of the elbow as well as the muscular groups surrounding it. This happens if your elbow is constantly exposed to pressure and stress. A tennis elbow is also an expected effect of doing so many tennis backhand strokes. The slightest mistake in doing the said tennis movement can give you tennis elbow. An elbow brace is great as a precautionary measure so that you lessen the chances of hurting yourself while playing tennis.


Reduces Swelling And Inflammation


Swelling and inflammation aren’t injuries, but they are more frequent than you realize. It happens when certain cartilage or muscular area in your body is constantly subjected to physical trauma or pressure. Your elbow can get mildly swollen and inflamed after playing tennis really hard. Muscles along your tennis arm will naturally weaken over time. The rigorous physical activity will cause micro-tears that swell or get inflamed during the healing process.


An elbow brace helps reduce the swelling by providing warmth. The enclosed space will soothe your inflamed area. Think of it as a warm compress that will soothe your injured area and make you feel so much more comfortable. The heat will make your blood vessels dilate. This dilation boosts the blood circulation in the area, which increases the transport of the necessary minerals to aid your muscles in healing the micro-tears. The increased oxygenation is also great for reducing the inflammation and, therefore, any pain from soreness.


Increased Performance


Aside from the decreased risk of getting injured, you also benefit from a boost in your tennis performance. Elbow braces have compression effects that keep your joints aligned and in place. It also guides your arm to stretch and fold at the correct angles that are optimal for playing tennis. A brace basically guides your arm to move in the right direction and angles whenever you swing. It eliminates the need to be overly conscious of what you are supposed to do. Over time, your arm will adapt to these changes, and muscle memory will take over. 

 Elbow Brace

There Is Variety


Did you know that there are different types of tennis elbow braces to choose from? You can pick one that best suits your needs. There are entire braces that look like sleeves. Those are meant to be worn over your elbow and forearm. It stabilizes the joint as well as the two bones that are connected to it. It is great for preventing elbow dislocation or further stress to the said area. This usually comes with padding to cushion the sensitive area. This padded layer also adds warmth, which is beneficial for your healing process.


There are smaller braces if you want something more discreet and comfortable. This brace is a strap that you wind around the base of your forearm just before the elbow joint. It is such a simple design, yet it does wonders in improving your comfort levels and the way you play. It allows individuals with lateral epicondylitis to go back to playing tennis or to lift some weights at the gym. This is great for a more targeted type of compression. It is ideal for microtears at specific areas on your arm. This also allows you freer movement, which is essential for playing tennis.


In a nutshell, a tennis elbow brace should be part of your tennis getup. The seemingly simple accessory has so many positive impacts on you as a tennis player.  It helps you heal better, prevent further injuries, and even boosts your tennis skills. It is a great solution to nagging pain and debilitating tennis injuries so that you can play and train to the best of your ability. These aren’t even costly, so there is literally no excuse for you to not grab one for yourself.

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