There’s a major myth about how lifting weights is not healthy for women. Also, people tend to think of women lifting weights as bulky and big! These are all misconceptions. Yes, you can become bulky if you want to, but you can stay fit and healthy while lifting weights without gaining excess muscle mass.

There are also multiple benefits that women can reap by lifting weights. Here are just some:


It improves your posture.

One of the great benefits of lifting weights is the improvement of your posture. It will make you stand up straighter and look confident, preserving the spine and reducing lower back pain.


You get stronger, but not necessarily bulky.

Yes, you will get stronger from picking up weights but definitely not bulky. Becoming bulky means eating, training, and taking supplements specifically so you can look like that! If you train intensely, take a lot supplies and eat more calories than you burn every day, than indeed, you’ll get big.

But if you lift heavy things and eat balanced, you’ll get stronger, your muscles will become denser and you’ll look fit and toned.


You’ll build stronger bones.

None of us stay young forever, our bones tend to decrease in intensity with time but, we can prevent a debilitating fracture by taking care of ourselves and lifting weights. Studies showed that 16 weeks old resistance training increased hip bone density and elevated blood levels of osteocalcin by 19 percent.


Heart disease and diabetic risk reduced.

Specialists say that muscle helps remove glucose and triglycerides from the bloodstream, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as hardens the arteries.


Could drop your blood pressure.

This kind of training lowers blood pressure for 10 to 12 hours after each session, which gives your heart a break. Lifting is not only good for your body, it’s great even for your health and wellness.


You'll Handle Stress Better.

And you’ll feel stronger and more confident after an intense workout. Fit people have lower levels of stress hormones than those who don’t work out. Studies found out that after a stressful situation, the blood pressure levels of people with the most muscle returned to normal faster.


In the end, it's every woman's choice if she wants to get fit and stay strong without necessarily feeling like getting to big.

Lifting weights has numerous benefits and could improve your health, strength and your daily habits. And as anything in the world, it has its disadvantages too, such as getting injuries or calluses and blisters, but for that you have choices that will keep you safe.

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