Often intense workouts lead to injuries that affect us both physically and mentally. For that reason, we tend to be more careful and to take extra precautions when training. Most common workouts injuries are a strained back or shoulder, runner’s knee, pulled or torn hamstrings.

In this article we’ll give you the best ways to prevent and avoid workout injuries! Maybe you know most of them but a little reminder doesn’t hurt anyone. Take care of your body and always stay focused when working out!

Stretch and Warm Up before workouts.

What kind of sport you are doing doesn’t matter when it comes to warming up and avoiding injuries.  It is very important to be physically prepared before starting your routine. The warm up helps muscles to handle stress better and you need to take it slowly. This way an injury is less probable to occur and you can happily start your training session.

Keep an eye on your workouts.

Overtraining often affects your body and it impacts your strength and conditioning. Overtraining only gives you the illusion of progress. You need to rest a few days and then start over. Keep your session no longer than an hour and cut some of them from your weekly schedule.

Know your limits.

If you have certain health problems or past injuries you should avoid working out too much. Know your body and its issues and protect yourself from other injuries, don’t make them worse! For example if you have really weak wrists, you should avoid lifting - certainly, heavy lifting.

Correct your technique.

Or try and do you exercise correctly and always progress. You risk pulling, ripping or wrenching a muscle otherwise. Each human has a different technique of learning and you need to do your best and take care of your workout progress.

Learn from a trainer.

It can be certain information that you might have missed. A better way for a safer training is to consult a pro. He’ll tell you all the stuff you should avoid and how to take better care of yourself. He could help you choose the right exercise for your needs and give you advice on what you’re doing wrong.

In conclusion, the best way to avoid injuries is to know from the start the cons and pros of starting a training program. There are risks as well as benefits. An intense workout could change your day and another one could ruin it.  It is important to know the limits of our body and to have a clear strategy in mind when we begin striving for progress.

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