New recipes, great foods and all the family members gathering together to celebrate are memorable moments for each holiday. Between all this excitement and fun your body won’t feel as good as you are. It is important to eat balanced and avoid foods high in calories. Sure, a little treat didn’t hurt anyone, but overeating did.

Here are some healthy suggestions for your dinner table: delicious foods, low in calories. They’ll help you on this hard journey and you’ll feel better not gaining so much weight after the holidays. Also, a small morning workout will burst your energy and burn some calories. Choose what’s best for you and for your body!

Roasted Green Beans

This is a healthy, tasty and simple to make recipe. You can add to the roasted bean with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and you can serve them with low fat meat. They’re low in calories and super healthy!

Red & White Salad

A salad which combines vegetables and fruits is a health bomb. Nutritive, tasty and unique the recipe will amaze you family and quests with its sweet and peppery flavors.

Roast Chicken

There are plenty and nutritious roast chicken recipes. You can combine chicken with pomegranate, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables or salads.

Baked Salmon

Fish is always the right choice when it comes to tasty, fast and healthy meals. Combine the salmon with lemon and asparagus and you’ll get yourself an amazing treat for holidays.

Low-Calories Desserts

Cookies are usually everybody’s weakness. We simply can’t resist the amount of sweets and great desserts that are served to us. You should try oatmeal cookies and combine them with different fruit such as dried apples or apricots. Another option could be fudge brownies. They’re sweet and you can make them using cocoa and melted dark chocolate.

Other suggestions: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, feta and cucumber sandwiches, and aborigines filled with spinach and mushrooms.

In conclusion, sometimes it’s healthy and fun to change your traditional recipes and try out new ones. Vegetables and low fat meat are the most recommended foods; they’re nutritious and keep you in shape! Choose what’s best for you and you can always find new healthy tricks that can keep you in shape!

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