When you decide getting serious about staying in shape you need to take care of every aspect of you training program. It means you need to be more careful with your training program, find a suitable healthy way of eating and be precautions when it comes to workout injuries.

Most of the injuries are caused by a poor warmup session in this case you need to focus and respect your program and forget stress and tiredness. In this article we suggest you some interesting and efficient methods you should try before workout for better results during them and after.

Set the time of your workout

You can reduce your workouts at 30-40 minutes. Training intense for a short amount of time sometimes give better results than workingout a lot. Don’t overtrain because you could risk and get injured.  Try and focus more during your exercises and get better results, make your training program according to your body needs.

Choose proper workout clothes

Working at the gym means investing in workout gear. During your training choose to wear too loose clothes (they will get in the way of you when working out with machines) and not too tight because they will slow your mobility.

Know your pre-workout meal time.

A pre-workout meal is proper for every fitness person. It boosts you energy and will give you strength for the intense training.  The timing of eating before a workout differ at every people because of their digestive tendencies. It is known that is suitable to eat an hour or so before a workout.

Stay hydrate!

Water is important before every workout. It is known that water is absorbed by the body in a couple of hour. You should make sure and drink water regular and not only before and during training.

Warm Up and Stretch!

Sure, you’ve hear many time about always warm up before working out. It is important to avoid injuries and get better results from your process! Warming up will raise your body temperature and increase the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body.

Stretching up comes after warm-up. It is better to stretch up between 10 and 15 minutes and you could choose various stretches. Also, don’t forget to take it slow and not stretch until your feel pain or worse, until you get injured.

In conclusion, is it better to be physically and mentally prepared before your daily routine.  Eat right, drink water, stay cautious and don’t forget to do both warm up and stretching for better results.


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