5 Things you should never do before working out


In a previous article we revealed some of the things you can do before exercising. We hope that you enjoyed our little suggestions and you’ve started your workout with determination and energy. Moving forward, we want to talk about 5 things you should never do before going to the gym.

We hope that you’ll start your fitness journey knowing everything that could keep you safe and help you improve some of your habits (or, why not, add new ones).


1. Be careful when you stretch.

Stretching is one of the most important parts of a workout. The pre-work consists in warming up and stretching, so if your muscles are still cold you could risk becoming injured.  Be cautious and always respect your pre-workout routine – never skip it!

2. No stress allowed!

Try to avoid being stressed when going to gym. It will not only negatively affect your results and motivation, but it will also encourage body fat storage! Keep your mind clear and we ensure you that after working out, your mood will be considerably improved.

3. Don’t let caffeine affect your pace.

Sure, consuming some caffeine could boost your energy levels and get your ready for making progress. You need to take care of the amount of caffeine you drink, because drinking too much could lead to a faster heart beat, nausea or anxiety. It will actually slow up you training.

4. Naps, naps…

We all love taking naps to recharge our batteries. Sure, you can do this to get rid of the tiredness, but not more than 30 minutes. Sleeping too much will actually make you move slower and won’t help you regain your energy.

5. Too much water can be bad.

In the previous article we talked about the importance of drinking water before working out.  But drinking too much water before exercising could decrease the salt within your blood. Of course, you should stay hydrated throughout the day, so moderation is a key factor here – drink 1 or 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before training.


In conclusion, these are some things you shouldn’t do before working out. Keep in mind that it’s very important to stick to your routine and diet and to always take care of your habits, because they will affect your results – positively or negatively, you choose!

Stay strong and focused on you fit journey!


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