Did you know that you can achieve great results without spending long hours at the gym? Short, intense workouts are the magical ingredient that allows us to lose weight and get fit without wasting the time we don’t have.

Nowadays, we all aspire of reaching our goals. And, as our schedule is pretty busy, doing things fast and efficient is not an option, but a necessity.


Here are 5 clever ways to spend less time at the gym and still achieve great results.


1. Find the right gym.

Are you an early bird? There are plenty of gyms that open their doors as soon as the sun starts shining. Night owl? We don’t recommend you to ignore sleeping, but if you’re working schedule involves late hours at the office, search for a gym that goes to bed as late as you do. Maybe a nonstop one, you can never know what you’ll find!

Going to and returning from the gym can be time consuming, as well. Therefore, opt for a place that’s either close to your hose, or your work. Problem solved!


2. Don’t get distracted.

Focus! Focus on your training program, respect your plan and the amount of exercises you must do day by day. Skip the prolonged chit chat with anyone besides your trainer (in case you have one). You have no time for that!

And once you start working out, don’t stop for every silly reason. You want results and you want them in a short amount of time, keep that in mind!


3. Ready, steady, go!

Be sure you’re all set before starting your training session: music volume up, gym gear prepared, water bottle filled, and towel as close to you as possible. No matter which your pre-workout routine is, complete it before you start exercising. This way, you’ll avoid any kind of interruptions that take precious time. All you have to do now is to focus on your training instead of getting ready for it.


4. Make a plan and stick to it.

Schedule most of your workouts. Build a solid training program and follow a proper diet. It will be so much easier for you to manage your time! This will certainly help you maximize your results.


5. Avoid rush hours.

If possible, don’t go to the gym when everyone else does. Avoid waiting a whole lot of time for your turn of using that fitness machine. Make sure that you have enough space and time to enjoy your workout and to do your things according to your plan!


Saving some time is not such a big deal, after all. And what a difference it makes!  

Stay safe, motivated and don’t forget to keep up the good work!

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