What to look for when choosing a gym


Has your membership expired? Are you dissatisfied with the services provided by your current gym? Has your current gym become too crowded during peak times? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you are likely considering looking for a new gym. The tricky part is knowing what factors to take into consideration when picking a new place for you to workout.

Membership fee

Cost is an important factor for most of us, many of whom cannot afford the high-priced memberships of some elite clubs. Luckily, there are ways of paying less than you normally would. For example, most gyms are bound to offer seasonal discounts based on when people are most likely to join a gym, such as right after New Year, when people try to keep their New Year resolutions.

Also, try to avoid signing any long term agreements. You should never agree to become a member for more than one year at a time. If a year gets by and you like the gym, you can renew the membership, but starting with a commitment for two or three years is bound to end up badly.

Equipment condition

The best way to make sure a gym can offer everything you need is to go in and have a look around. Check to see if they have the equipment that you most often use. For example, if you use dumbbells, they should have multiple sets, otherwise you will be waiting in line to use them. If you prefer weight machines, check that they look well maintained. Some of the high end ones also come with a set of options that you can change to help vary your workout routine, so they’re a big plus if you’re looking to bust out of that plateau.


Take into account where the gym is relative to your house, because the farther away it is, the less likely you will find yourself going. Sometimes it may actually be more convenient to pick a gym that is close to your workplace, so that you can schedule your workout before or after work.

When you think you’ve found the right gym for you, be careful to avoid extras. You may be tempted to pay for extra privileges, but it’s likely that you will stick to your usual schedule and never get to use them. Save yourself the money and regret.

There is no such thing as a perfect gym, only the right one for you. However, when you’ve found it, that environment can quickly become a powerful motivator to get out there and start training. Choose wisely and you will never feel like skipping a workout session for the duration of your membership.

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