Weekly workouts and a strict program can sometimes become unattractive and boring. After a while you no longer have the same motivation and energy to progress and everything becomes a strict, boring routine. On top of everything, if you feel like your workout program didn’t yield the right results, you should think again.

Change is at times welcomed and you shouldn’t be afraid try out new and better workout exercises. Also, working out just for the sake of working out isn’t good for your health or for your psychical condition. Here are some reasons why you should take charge and change your workout program:


  1. It doesn’t motivate you anymore.

You simply aren’t motivated anymore to get fit and you simply workout because you’re used to it. A different exercise program will increase you fitness level and improve your motivation! You’ll also become stronger and willing to accomplish all your goals!


  1. You’re starting to get bored.

This isn’t a good sign and you’re getting bored = no interest. Doing the same exercises over and over again will transform training into a “torture”. Also, for better workout support you should consult a trainer. It’s a good idea to invest in yourself and to take care of your body, and an expert will advise you better in this case.




  1. You aren’t getting the results you want.

Maybe you’re making an unconscious mistakes or your workout program isn’t right for you and for your body! Of course, we should have first mentioned that muscles don’t grow overnight; you need to work hard to get what you want.


  1. It isn’t good for your health.

Change your workout program if you feel like giving up because you’re too tired and sore after every workout. You need to take your time and rest, don’t worry about missing a few training sessions. When you’re ready to train again, you should take it easy and change a few things in your daily routine.


  1. Your goals changed.

First, you want to get fit. Now, you want to get stronger and get your fitness to the next level. This is a good reason to change your workout program. Make sure you are ready to take the next step and talk to an expert for more information.



Getting used to a particular kind of exercises could lead to boredom, losing interest and not seeing your gains. If you work out in a gym, you can change the equipment you use. You need to challenge your body on a daily basis to boost your energy and burn more calories.


Here are a few very effective kettlebell exercises you can try today. If you're done with your workout routine and want something fun, varied and enjoyable, kettlebell workouts can be the breath of fresh air you need! They are no joke when it comes to a proper workout. They’re perfect for cardio, strength, flexibility training and conditioning, and work great for both men and women.




  1. Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing

The exercise works your shoulder muscles, back, hips and legs.

You need to swing the kettlebell with one arm, but the other arm needs to be swing as well to balance the moves. You should alternate hands (10-12 reps each arm) when the kettlebell is behind the leg.


  1. Goblet Squat Kettlebell

The exercise works your leg muscles and improves your conditioning and mobility.

Keep the kettlebell in the front loaded position, then core braced and tight with chest up. Sit back and squat between your legs, pushing your knees out with elbows while facing forward.


  1. Kettlebell floor to shelf

This exercise helps you improve full-body strength and movement the best way. 

Start by grabbing a kettlebell beneath the handle with both hands and holding it beside your hip. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. What you must do is slowly turn, pivot, and press the weight diagonally across your body while extending your arms above your opposite shoulder. Pause, and then return to the starting position.


  1. Kettlebell Windmill

The exercise works your muscle shoulders, back, abs and hips.

You need to hold the kettlebell in your right hand while angle the feet is 45 degrees away from the arm. Then raise the kettlebell overhead, shift your weight onto the right leg and begin bending forward. Keep the right arm extended overhead as the body bends forward and the left arm is pointed toward the ground.


  1. Kettlebell Deadlift

The exercise woks your hips muscles, hamstrings and back.

Stand shoulder-width apart and your kettlebell needs to be between your legs. Bend from your hips and grab the kettlebell with both hands; before you lift your back should be parallel with the ground and your lower back flat. Then lift by pushing through the ground, stand tall and place the kettlebell at the same spot you got it from.


  1. Two-arm kettlebell row

This exercise works your middle back and biceps.

Place two kettlebells in front of your feet and bend your knees slightly, pushing your butt out as much as possible as you bend over to get in the starting position. Row the bells to your sides while rotating your palms forward.


There are many more, which can be a real breath of fresh air if included into a boring workout routine. The kettlebell exercises work almost every muscle in your body and they’re a fun way of lifting while getting in shape.

Choose your workout program wisely and improve your routine by adding some kettlebell exercises that you won’t regret!

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