Don't allow locked and stiff knees to compromise your full ROM


Have you ever experienced locked knees during your fitness activity? Your knee becomes stiff and it may often be accompanied by disabling joint pain. This limits your range of motion and compromises your exercise. Sometimes you can experience this because of fatigue, tears, sprains from hyperextending your leg exercising, or other conditions that may affect your knee.

When your knee joint is locked, the stress of the exercise you are performing is taken off the supporting muscles and put onto your knee joint. This causes damage to your soft tissue and sets you up for injury. While you must be aware of your movement and prevent locked knees and stiff legs by mastering your exercise techniques and using proper form, you still need to wear a pair of knee sleeves that enable you to use a full range of motion while protecting your joint.


Locked and Stiff Knees




Your range of motion (ROM) naturally declines with aging, but it can be caused by other conditions such as joint dislocations, joint fracture, muscle stiffness, pain, swelling, and inflammation. To prevent these from happening to you, you must ensure joint health by staying active, flexible, and promoting joint stability. But if you are already active and have a well-established fitness routine, you are still faced with the possibility of experiencing locked and stiff knees.


Causes and Prevention

  • Locked Knees: A locked knee will limit your ability to bend your knee joint, thus limiting your ability to perform the movements you need to exercise, walk, step up or down, and often times it can make it impossible for you to even sit down comfortably. A locked knee can be caused by a mechanical block to your knee motion during exercise or by severe pain that restricts your knee movement.
  • Prevention: To prevent locked knees, you must perform your exercises with proper form and technique, and wear a pair of knee sleeves that will support and stabilize your joint during your training session.
  • Stiff Knees: A stiff knee can be caused by a locked knee or by weakness in the surrounding muscles. Stiff knees are often accompanied by severe pain and swelling. While you can experience locked knees during your exercise, you are most likely to experience stiff knees after you're done working out, as your overworked muscles surrounding your knee become tight and weak.
  • Prevention: To prevent stiff knees, you need to make sure you take the risk of locked knees out the way and provide warmth with a compression element to the muscles and connective tissue around your knee joint.


These two conditions can lead to further complications of your knee joint. But your focus should be on preventing these conditions or reduce their effects if you're already experiencing mild forms of locked or stiff knees. You can do this by wearing a pair of knee sleeves that don't restrict movement, provide you with a compression element, warmth, and enough support to increase your knee stability.


OptimFlex for Full ROM




To be effective in your fitness activities, a full range of motion (ROM) is necessary. Loss of full ROM in your knees can significantly impact the function of your lower extremities in a negative way. Your muscles that connect to your hips and ankles can become weaker, in turn affecting the joints below and above your knees. So knee health is vital for overall joint and muscle function. Additionally, decreased knee ROM can lead to further complications that can compromise your knee health for good.

To attain and maintain a full ROM to your knees, you need to take good care of the tendons, ligaments, and cartilage that make up your knee joint, as well as the bones and the muscles that connect to it. Our New Mava OptimFlex are designed to do just that. Our knee sleeves will protect your knee joint while taking care of the muscles immediately connecting to it by providing them with a compression element.


  • Proper knee function: The compression element that supports your joint during exercise movement promotes proper knee movement, thus making it less likely for you to experience locked knees and reducing the risk of knee injuries associated with poor knee function.
  • Increased knee stability: Thanks to the increased stability to your knees, you will be able to rely on your knee joints during exercise and worry less about the stress put on your knees by heavyweights. The knee sleeves will absorb the impact while stabilizing your knees.
  • Unrestricted movement: Attain and maintain a full range of motion thanks to the enhanced mobility of your knee joints. The knee sleeves will support your knees throughout the movement, and allow you to perform your exercises with a full ROM, limiting the restrictions placed on your knees by weakness, weight bearing, or fatigue.
  • Reduced fatigue: Prevent locked knees during exercises and knee stiffness after exercise thanks to the compression element that keeps the blood flowing to your knees. This significantly reduces fatigue, enabling you to work out pain-free and recover faster.
  • Anti-swelling: Because you benefit from enhanced blood flow to your knees and support for proper knee function, you will significantly reduce the risk of knee swelling and inflammation associated with knee injuries and fatigue.
  • Joint protection: Not only will your knees benefit from protection against friction, scratches, and bruises associated with collision during sports activities, but you will significantly reduce the risk of future injuries. The knee sleeves promote enhanced flexibility, mobility, and stability that reduce the risk of locked and stiff knees.
  • Pain relief: Alleviate pain associated with weak knees, inflammation, swelling, and stiffness caused by fatigue or other conditions associated with improper knee function. You will benefit from pain-relief during and after your exercise as long as you wear your Mava OptimFlex Knee Sleeves.





Locked knees and stiff legs can affect you during and immediately after you work out. If you’ve hyperextended your legs during exercise, you might not even notice it until your knee locks, your leg becomes stiff, and you feel severe pain in your knee. You can prevent this incident by wearing our new Mava OptimFlex Knee Sleeves. If you fail to be cautious of your athletic performance, these incidents can lead to further complication and totally compromise your knee health.

Fatigue and poor exercise technique can also affect your knee health. You need your knees to be healthy in order to maintain proper knee function and unlock a full range of motion to your knees. A full ROM is vital for your effective athletic performance. If your knees become locked and stiff, you'll limit your range of motion, therefore compromising your exercise.

To make sure that your knees maintain proper function and work with a full range of motion, wear our new Mava OptimFlex Knee Sleeves during and after your exercise! Don’t miss this chance to perform with your knees at optimal levels for positive fitness results. 


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