If you like training outside in the summertime, you shouldn’t suffer from the insane waves of heat that the Sun greets us with. There is more than just one way to be safe, keep your cool, and stay fit in the Summer time and we’ve gathered some of these ways here, for you.  

If you are a gym-goer - whether the weather is hot or not – these tips will be of great help to your pre- & post-workout.



Drink WATER!

Hot climates increase your body’s temperature. To keep your natural cooling systems going, make sure you drink plenty of water.

Make sure you take small sips of water during your training. In your breaks you can also take water and valuable electrolytes from fruits such as apples, oranges & watermelon.

Try to drink 8 to 10 ounces of water every 20 minutes. Drink more post-workout – at least another 8 ounces.



These may be tempting, but they are loaded with calories. So, if you’re watching your calorie intake you might want to avoid drinks other than water.


Midday Sun

Avoid the hottest part of the day – midday. Try to workout early in the morning or after sunset.

Another very good idea would be to enjoy the heat and try summer sports like swimming, aqua-aerobics, or cycling in the wind. Each of these uses the heat to your advantage + providing cooling factors like the water and wind.


Balance Your Temperature

Take a cold shower before you exercise. Studies show that a cool down before exercising in the heat helps your performance. It also keeps you a bit more comfortable and less sweaty from the get-go.

Also, try cooling different targeted body parts with an ice bag before you go out.


Loose, Light, & Bright

To keep cool, your clothing must allow air to circulate over your skin. Heavy, tight-fitting clothing will heat you up and stick to your body as you sweat. You need to wear something light and a little bit loose.

Wear brighter colors! Dark colors attract and absorb the heat and that can make you feel like you’re wearing layers of hot metal on your skin. Brighter is cooler!


Head Protection

Since we’re discussing fashion – a must-have summer accessory is protection. Head protection that is! Mesh Visors and Headbands can become your best friends if you’re training with the Sun right above you.


Slower & Shorter Sessions

Would it kill if you just went hard and long with your session? Yes, it definitely could. So just for the Summer join the slug club and try to shorten your session and ease up a bit.

Working out in hot weather as efficient as it is, there is no need to go harder and longer when you risk putting yourself in harm’s way. When it’s hotter, your body works harder.


Dirty Roads

Try working out in a park or a forest. Asphalt and concrete reflect the Sun’s rays and radiate heat. So that will make you feel hotter and more uncomfortable.

Dirt roads are not just good for your joints and knees, but they are usually found in slightly wooded or very wooded areas, so you’ll have a natural shade factor in your favor.


Heat Stroke Awareness

Learn what a heat stroke is and how to prevent it. Know when it’s the right time to stop and go inside, find shade, and cool down. If you’re feeling any of these while outside or exercising, find a cooling comfort and shade immediately:

  • Weakness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Paling of the skin


Aggravated Heat Stroke Symptoms:

  • High Body Temperature
  • Lack of Sweating with Hot, Red & Dry Skin
  • Rapid Pulse & Shallow breathing
  • Disorientation, Confusion, Hallucination
  • Seizure & Unconsciousness
  • And, if untreated, death


As an athlete, you may feel like you need to go back on your performance, but consider the risks of a heat stroke. Better safe than sorry!


What you need to do this summer is to keep cool and safe. These tips are meant to help you with that. You can always get membership subscription to an air-conditioned gym and not worry about the Sun. But you need to get in and out of that gym, right? If you are walking to the gym, take the dirt road instead of the asphalt. Wear your head protection and don’t forget your water!


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