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Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels are involved in exercises that require overhead arm motions, which makes elbow injuries a common occurrence. These injuries include lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), flexor tendinitis, stress fractures and other overuse injuries, as well as collision injuries. Repetitive micro-traumatic injuries can lead to the complete degeneration and failure of the elbow tendon, thus making it difficult and sometimes impossible to continue your athletic activity.

Luckily, you can prevent these injuries by maintaining proper form and wearing elbow sleeves to prevent damage to your joints and providing your elbow with support and stability to withstand the motion and weight involved in your exercise. Whether you play golf, tennis, or lift heavy, elbow sleeves are mandatory to help you with joint alignment, stability, and support, especially when you are involved in a lot of arm movement and weight bearing. 

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Elbow Sleeves Benefits

Elbow sleeves are so helpful, that they are actually legal in competitions for the squat and deadlift. However, it is not legal for competition benching, because they assist the lift, which is a great thing for your progressive overload during training, even if you won't be able to wear them in a competition. Elbow sleeves provide you with multiple benefits, regardless of your skill levels and experience.

  • Support and Stability: wearing elbow sleeves during your training will significantly improve your performance by supporting and stabilizing your elbow joints, which you will allow you a full range of motion and the possibility to withstand the weight you are lifting.
  • Injury Prevention: if you already have an injured elbow, the sleeves will help stabilize your joint for repair and active recovery. And if you are looking to prevent an injury, the adequate compression will keep your joint safe from overuse damage.
  • Solid Compression: this will help you get better circulation to your arms and to keep your muscles warm for increased mobility and endurance during training. This compression will also benefit you during your recovery, by reducing stiffness and providing you with consistent relief.
  • Pain Relief: whether from an injury or intense training, your elbow and forearm pain will be significantly reduced. This will enable you to add more weight and feel less pain, reduces aches and soreness caused by playing tennis, and it will ease your arm fatigue caused by the bench press, curls, and the overhead press.
  • Performance Boost: other than enabling you to add more weight with less pain, elbow sleeves will support your elbow enough to finish your workout without feeling. This consistent relief and solid compression will help you take your training to the next level with progressive overload and frequent training that you won't have to cancel due to pain.
  • Recovery Aid: whether you're in rehab from an injury or an intense workout, your recovery will be accelerated if you wear your elbow sleeves during your time of inactivity. The support and compression they provide will enhance your blood flow and keep your joint stable so that you can return to the gym faster and stronger.
  • Enhanced Comfort: elbow sleeves are durable and comfortable, which makes them easy to wear during training or recovery. Additionally, they reduce the normal sweat buildup you experience during your intense training.


What's New?

Our Mava CrossMax Elbow Sleeves  are designed from superior materials, such as Bamboo Charcoal Fibers, which has significant health benefits, making them the perfect fit for your training and recovery. They have antimicrobial properties, which makes them perfect to wear during outdoor or gym workouts, they are durable, and provide you with superior comfort. But aside from all the benefits, we’ve mentioned so far, these new sleeves come with additional benefits that are worth mentioning:

  • Superior Protection: Not only they act as a layer that protects your skin against scratches, bumps, and friction, but this mini shield will make it less likely for overuse injuries to occur, such as elbow tennis, and they definitely help protect your soft tissues and joint against collision.
  • Enhanced Blood Flow: injuries can cause poor blood circulation to the affected area, and this significantly affects your performance and cause swelling and inflammation. But wearing your elbow sleeves will improve your blood flow and enable de-oxygenated blood to flow back to the heart faster, thus aiding your recovery as well.
  • Temperature Regulation: whether you are exercising outside or inside the gym, our elbow sleeves will help regulate your body temperature, regardless of the hot or cold climate. You can rely on the fact that your performance will not be affected by the temperature in your training environment.
  • Training and Recovery: wear you elbow sleeves to help your muscles recover faster from previous workouts. Wear them during and after exercise to enable your blood flow to circulate to the heart and prevent tightness, soreness, and help loosen up your muscles during training.
  • Alignment and Healing: proper alignment is mandatory for full joint restoration and complete healing of your elbow. Our elbow sleeves provide adequate support for minor and moderate strains, sprains, and joint instability during your active rehabilitation. By wearing your elbow sleeves consistently, you promote proper joint alignment and therapeutic warmth to your elbow joint and muscles around it.
  • Enhanced Proprioception: not only will you benefit from proper alignment, therapeutic warmth, and soft tissue support, but wearing these elbow sleeves will enhance your bio-neurological awareness of weight bearing, which will stimulate your muscles to contract for protection against muscle trauma caused by progressive overload.


The Mava CrossMax Elbow Sleeves are perfect for all and any activities that involve repetitive arm movements and intense weight bearing. So whether you play golf, tennis, lift heavy or actively recover from an elbow injury, by wearing your these elbow sleeves during and after exercise, you will be able to reduce muscle soreness and aches. They speed up your recovery by enhancing blood flow and providing therapeutic warmth to your joints and surrounding muscles, and they boost your performance by assisting your progressive overload and stabilizing your elbow joint.

Benefit from joint stability and a faster healing with an elbow sleeve that is designed for your rehab, assistance, and comfort. Protect your joint and promote proper alignment, so that you can reach your athletic goals without facing potential injuries and pain. Our elbow sleeves will significantly improve your performance by enabling you to lift more weight with less pain!

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