If your goal is to lose body-fat, your best bet is a combination of full body workouts and clean eating. Fat-loss sounds like a one time-thing, but in order to keep the fat off, you need to make sustainable life choices in regards to your diet and training. Your training should have enough variety to continue to challenge your body long-term, and your diet should become an eating habit, not just a simple diet.

However, during your cut-workout, you will be on a restrictive calorie diet. Make sure you respect your recovery time and allow yourself to heal and prepare in between workouts. This will ensure that you return to your training strong and ready to melt unwanted body-fat. In addition, drink plenty of water: 1 ounce of water per 2 pounds of bodyweight will boost your body’s fat-burning abilities.

If you follow a low calorie diet, a short, yet intense workout is your best approach to burning fat. This is also efficient for those who are pressed by time and need to make the most out of the time they can spend at gym. Try to perform your cutting-workout at the gym at least twice a week. Because they are short and intense training session, this will leave you with some extra time to dedicate to your cardio as well.

For maximized results, wear proper gym gear. Compression shirts and leggings are a great investment for both cardio and lifting. Because you need to recover faster in between your intense workouts, wearing compression gear during your workout will promote a faster recovery and ensure a pain-free workout and post-workout period.

Barbell Full Squat

2 sets x 8 reps

This compound movement targets your glutes, quads, hams, and engages your entire core. In order to provide support to these muscles, compression leggings for the quads, hams and glutes are your best bet for pain relief and warmth.

  • Position the barbell on the back of your shoulder and grasp it on both sides.
  • Squat down by bending your hips back and allowing your knees to bend froward.
  • Lower yourself until your knees and hips are fully bent.
  • Raise yourself back up by fully extending your hips and legs until they are straight.
  • Repeat!

Barbell Bench Press

2 sets x 8 reps

This compound exercise engages your core and recruits your pects, delts, triceps and biceps. In order to benefit from full-torso protection during this exercise, you should wear a compression base-layer or t-shirt in order to help distribute pressure, promote proper blood flow and ensure a pain-free execution.

  • Lie supine on a bench and lower the weight to your chest with a medium, overhand grip.
  • Press the bar upwards until your arms are fully extended.
  • Lower the barbell back down and repeat!

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

1 set x 8 reps

This compound exercise targets your delts, traps, serratus anterior, pects, triceps and biceps. It's another very effective upper body exercise that will help you melt unwanted body-fat.

  • Hold the dumbbells to each side of your shoulders with the elbows below your wrists.
  • Press the weights upwards until your arms are extended over your head.
  • Lower them back to the sides of your shoulders.
  • Repeat!

Dumbbell Curl

1 set x 10 reps

This is an isolated exercise that works on your biceps and it's very effective in toning and shaping your arm, while recruiting stabilizers like the delts, traps and wrist flexors.

  • Hold two dumbbells to the sides, with palms facing in and your arms straight.
  • With elbows to the sides, raise one dumbbell and rotate your forearm until it's vertical, and your palm faces your shoulder.
  • Lower the weight to starting position and repeat with the opposite arm.
  • Continue to switch sides!

Cable Pushdown - Rope Attachment

    1 set x 10 reps

    This isolated movement targets the triceps, while recruiting your delts, lats, pects, traps,  wrist flexors, abs and obliques. It is very efficient, especially if coupled with the proper compression gear.

    • Face a high pulley and grasp the rope attachment with clinched hands, side by side with palms facing in, and position your elbows to the side.
    • Extend your arms down and turn your palms down when you reach the bottom.
    • Return until your forearms are are closer to your upper arms, and your hands are in the starting position.
    • Repeat!


      1 set x 15 reps

      This compound exercise engages your core and targets your abs. It's a full upper body exercises that requires to keep your muscles contracted and your stomach sucked in, in order for it to be more effective.

      • Place your your feet under a secure low overhang.
      • Lie supine on a flat surface with your hips bent.
      • Place your hands behind your neck or on the sides of your neck.
      • Raise your torso from the floor by bending your waist and hips.
      • Return until the back of your shoulders reach the bottom.
      • Repeat!

      If you want to boost your performance, make sure you wear compression garments, like a shirt and leggings in order to help distribute pressure adequately and increase blood flow during training. They will also be of great aid and support during the cardio sessions in between your weightlifting sessions. Make sure you drink plenty of water and reduce your calorie intake for even quicker results!

      Clean eating will ensure that you’ll see the muscles you build and shape faster, and that you keep the fat off in the long run. Keep your training short, yet intensive, in order to make the most of the energy you have on a low calorie diet. This will ensure very quick results!

      If you follow these tips, you will see very good results in a very short amount of time! As long as you control your portions and make the most out of your training session, you will burn a lot of calories and melt down unwanted body-fat! Click here to find out what benefits other than fat-loss strength training has! Make it your habit not just for fat-loss, but for overall mind-body health and strength!


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