Knee pain is one of the most common forms of joint pain, as the knee is the biggest and most vulnerable joint in the body. There are plenty of remedies out there to treat or reduce knee pain, but some of them are not affordable or practical enough to apply in every day life. The most recommended treatment for knee pain is obviously, exercise. But if you suffer from knee pain, then you're familiar with the pain that creeps in once you're done working out. And you would do anything you can to prevent it!

Fortunately, knee sleeves have been around for a while, and athletes love them. They have been proven in many studies to help manage knee pain, whether it's caused by an injury or osteoarthritis. The best thing about a good pair of knee sleeves is that you can wear them when you work out, as well as when recovering from your workout.

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Lifting Heavier Weights

Heavy lifting is reliant on knee movement. If you are an athlete who engages in high-impact sports such as weightlifting, then knee sleeves can provide you with a lot of benefits. They can help boost your squat jumps, double unders, clean and jerks, snatches, sprints, and more. They are especially helpful if you are over 25 and have little to no athletic background, weak knees, or previous knee injuries.

However, for the seasoned athlete, knee sleeves help support the joints and this further helps athletes use progressive overload in their training. In short, if your knees are supported and stable, you can lift more weight.


Reduced Risk of Injury

The most common knee injury in athletes is the Runner's Knee, which is characterized by knee swelling accompanied by pain, and it results in an imbalance between the quads and the inner leg muscles of the upper leg. Another similar injury is the Jumper's Knee, which damages the tendons due to overuse.

Athletes who perform high-impact sports have more of a vulnerability to these injuries, due to the knee bending involved in lifting sessions. But wearing knee sleeves helps you prevent these injuries and facilitate a faster recovery after your workout sessions.


Rest Day Usage

The greatest thing about investing in a good pair of knee sleeves is that not only you can make great use of them when you're working out, but after you're done too - in order to speed up your recovery. But more importantly, wear them on your rest days, especially if you have osteoarthritis or other knee afflictions. And as a bonus, they come in handy for cold weather, by keeping your joints warm and allow blood flow through the knee.





Traditionally, reflexology is the use of specific massage techniques that work on certain reflex points in the body. It is often used to treat different conditions, from headaches and anxiety to complementary cancer treatment. By applying appropriate pressure to these specific points, the corresponding body organs and systems are enhanced and improved.

Reflexology was shown to help relieve knee pain by helping the body release calcium deposits. Depending on the severity of the pain, this form of therapy can help your knees feel a lot more flexible and experience less pain. It doesn't only help in relieving knee pain, but it also helps make your knees stronger and healthier, so long-term usage of reflexology will enhance that effect.





  • Pain Relief – it helps reduce the pain from tendinitis, osteoarthritis, sprains, and knee strain pain
  • Faster Recovery – it speeds up recovery from injuries such as Runner's Knee or Jumper's Knee
  • Reduced Anxiety – especially performance-related anxiety and stress
  • Better Nerve Function – promotes optimal brain and mental function
  • Overall Well-Being – it improves mental and emotional well-being, promotes deeper relaxation, sleep, and higher energy levels
  • Natural Treatment – the pressure applied is natural and no substances are used, so this kind of treatment is less likely to trigger side effects





The new Mava ZenMax Knee Sleeves embodies the benefits of both elastic knee sleeves and reflexology therapy. This new technology is designed to not only help reduce pain but to further boost strength in your knees, for healthier joints and an enhanced athletic performance.


Knee Points

Nourishing Valley Point – By massaging this reflex point, you will be able to get rid of knee pain and more (abdominal pain, genital disorders). This knee point is right at the outer edge of your knee, and pressing it helps you release tension around the knees.

Three Mile Point – Located just 2 inches below your kneecap and 1cm away from your shinbone, this pressure point will help strengthen your entire body. It will help tone your muscles and relieve knee pain.

Commanding Activity Point – This reflex point is located at the edge of the crease of your bent knee. Applying pressure to this point helps you feel less pain and stiffness in your knees.

Shady Side of the Mountain Point – This reflex point will not only help with knee problems, but it also helps you find relief from water retention in the body, leg tensions, cramps, swelling, and varicose veins. It is located on the inside of your leg, in the back of your knees, below the bulge on the head of your shin bone.


You can massage these essential reflex points for knee pain relief, but our Mava ZenMax Knee Support does the work for you, whether you are working out or simply going about your daily activities wearing your own pain support. The interior of the ZenMax Knee Sleeves contains Multiple Pressure Points designed to work on your knee’s Reflex Points and more.

Because of this, they provide both the benefits of elastic knee sleeves and reflexology therapy, all in one item designed to effectively improve athletic performance and relieve knee pain, by applying adequate pressure to your knee’s reflex points. The ZenMax Knee Sleeves are made of Latest Tech Fiber Bamboo Charcoal, and they’re anatomically shaped for increased comfort, which makes them comfortable to wear without experiencing any stiffness.




The Bamboo Charcoal fabric has many positive properties, such as inhibiting bacterial metabolism from causing skin allergies. This makes them easy on sensitive skin. And there's more! Bamboo Charcoal reduces static buildup and it can absorb sulfur and nitrogen-based compounds, which gives it the quality of superior absorption and deodorizing ability. Additionally, it has an anti-pilling effect, superior washing, and durability due do its quick-drying fibers and moisture regulation.


What makes Bamboo Charcoal fabric truly special?

  • its fibers contain potassium, calcium and other minerals that promote better health
  • it acts as a thermal regulator
  • has many antimicrobial functions because it effectively decomposes micro-organisms that attach to its surface and the air around it.


Mava ZenMax Knee Sleeves are unique on the market and their innovative design combines the best qualities provided by a good reflexology session and top-quality knee support. This makes them an affordable solution for knee pain and knee strengthening. They also save you time and money in case you cannot afford to go to a reflexologist or invest in multiple pairs of knee sleeves.

When it comes to intense workouts and training safety, it’s better to focus on putting your hard work into your routine, and let us come up with the right item for you to save time, money and enhance your performance faster!

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