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Have you ever experienced ankle instability? If you are a runner, you most definitely have. However, you don't necessarily have to be a runner to experience it. It only takes a misstep to destabilize your ankle. This can also result in a sprain or injury. While these may be isolated events, chronic ankle instability can happen if you've experienced enough ankle sprains. Many athletes repeatedly sprain their ankles during exercise, but luckily there are ways you can prevent this, thus preventing chronic ankle instability as well.

Ankle sleeves support your lower legs by providing you with graduated compression that helps combat the effects of gravity on your lower legs, as well as help, deoxygenated blood flow back to the heart. Some studies have shown that blood flow increases up to 40% during exercise and up to 30% during recovery. This also helps speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Additionally, the compression effect helps stabilize your muscles and reduce muscle vibration, in order to reduce fatigue.


Mava Ankle Support


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Our ankle sleeves were thoroughly researched and designed to provide you with stability, support, and compression in order to perform better and recover faster. You can wear our ankle sleeves to recover from mild to moderate ankle injuries or in order to support your weak ankle during exercise or daily activity.


  • Weak joint support: Our ankle sleeves provide you the necessary support for your ankle. Whether you've suffered minor ankle injuries or looking to prevent one, the ankle support will help stabilize your joints without compromising your full range of motion. You will be able to change paces, and take secure and confident steps with a reduced risk of injury.
  • Graduate compression: The level of compression that our ankle sleeves provide will activate your blood flow and elevate your oxygen levels. This helps alleviate foot pain while providing you with optimal ankle stability and heel arch support. The targeted compression helps minimize certain conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, heel spurs pain, swelling, and other mild to moderate injuries.
  • Injury prevention: The ankle sleeve helps support your sole, arch, and ankle. This makes it less likely to fatigue, cramp, and misstep, so the risk of injury is significantly reduced.
  • Accelerated recovery: Thanks to the increased blood flow and foot support, you will experience reduced fatigue, soreness, and cramping, so your recovery will be pain-free. This will also speed up your recovery so that your ankle can function at 100% during your next activity.
  • Perfect fit: The ankle sleeve is anatomically shaped to support your foot with light padding and targeted compression. The shock-absorption technology doesn't restrict your range of motion, which makes the sleeve extremely comfortable for extended wear. The low-profile design will make it easy to wear with any type of shoe or under any type of sock during any type of activity, both indoors and outdoors.





Make sure you wear ankle sleeves to support your foot if you are having weak ankles, minor ankle injuries, if your ankles get swollen during or after exercise, or if you spend extended periods of times on your feet. You will benefit from pain relief and prevent swelling due to the increased blood flow and the compression effect.

You can wear your ankle sleeves under your socks, with any type of shoes. They are extremely comfortable and they can be worn for extended periods of time. You can even fall asleep in them if you forget to take them off.

Consistent wear will also promote ankle strength, stability, and prevent future injuries. Additionally, you will significantly lower the risk of blood pooling around your ankles and feet. Ankle sleeves are also multi-purpose. While you can wear them for minor injuries, or simply to improve training safety and prevent injuries, you can also wear them during travel or during work to reduce inflammation and the forming of blood clots around your foot.

Wear our Mava Ankle Support if you want to reduce the risk of injury or if you are recovering from ankle sprains. You will enjoy the comfort and added stability during exercise, as well as during your daily activities and travels. Your weak ankles will no longer interfere with the quality of your performance and overall life.


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