Take care of your ‘second heart’ with Mava Calf Sleeves

Did you know that your second heart is located on the backside of your lower leg? The calf muscles, also known as the Soleus, are dubbed as the second heart because they play a major role in aiding venous return. Your heart pumps blood with oxygen throughout your body. Your blood has to flow back to the heart, and here's where your calf muscles help. They help push the blood back to the heart by contracting and relaxing.

Physical activity and regular exercise help reduce fat deposits in your calf muscles, which lead to an improved circulatory system. This will help you feel fresh and springy throughout your day. If your calves don't get enough work and contraction, you risk developing varicose veins and blood clots that could travel back to the heart and cause cardiac arrest.

However, exercise such as weightlifting, running, or jumping can cause your calf muscles to swell and hurt during or after exercise. Furthermore, during an intense workout, you can risk getting cramps, shin splints, or even tendonitis. So, make sure you keep moving and treat your calves with the utmost respect and care with the help of a good pair of calf sleeves.


Mava Calf Sleeves benefits




Calf sleeves are compression garments designed to improve your physical activity and facilitate your recovery. They cover your calves from your ankle to just below your knee, with the highest compression point on your calf area. The compression decreases around the calf, in order to promote the venous return to your heart of deoxygenated blood. Additionally, our Calf Sleeves will provide you with the following benefits:


  • Decreased muscle vibration: Our calf sleeves suppress muscle vibrations in the calf muscle that are caused by contact with the ground, cramps, strains, and tears. This will enhance your performance by allowing you to increase your speed and distance when running.
  • Reduced fatigue: Thanks to the decreased level of muscle vibration, you will be able to save more energy and prevent fatigue. The enhanced blood flow will also slow down fatigue while allowing you to work out harder for longer.
  • Pain relief: Wear our calf sleeves to alleviate minor pains such as tendonitis, cramps, and shin splints during and after exercise. Our calf sleeves will also help you eliminate the build-up of lactic acid in your calf which causes pain.
  • Enhanced blood flow: Boost your oxygen levels with optimal compression. This will facilitate improved blood flow to your lower extremities and back to your heart for a better fitness performance.
  • Accelerated recovery: The benefits of enhanced blood flow continue after your physical activity, which facilitates your recovery. You can continue wearing your calf sleeves after exercise to prevent soreness and eliminate waste build-up in the muscles faster.
  • Reduced swelling: Whether you work out or spend your day standing for extended periods of time, our calf sleeves will help you reduce swelling and inflammation, thank the graduate compression that supports your muscles and promotes better blood flow.
  • Temperature regulation: The enhanced blood flow through your calves will keep them warm during exercise, yet comfortable in any type of weather. This slows down muscle fatigue and enables you to feel comfortable working out in both cold and hot temperatures.
  • Improved leg power: Your leg press, vertical jump, and sprint will be enhanced thanks to the warmth and improved blood flow that our calf sleeves provide you with.
  • Injury prevention: Wearing calf sleeves will help you minimize energy loss, thus slowing down fatigue. This will reduce the risk of accidents and overuse injuries. Additionally, the sleeves will help absorb contact shock, which reduces the risk of micro tears and soft tissue injuries.






Our Mava Calf Sleeves help you save energy so that you can continue exercising for longer. You will benefit from reduced swelling, inflammation, pain relief, injury prevention, and much more. You will improve leg power, so your sprint, vertical jumps, and weight bearing abilities will be enhanced. This will improve your overall athletic abilities.

Since your calves are under constant stress due to exercise, running, walking, or even standing for extended periods of time, your muscles will release creatine kinase which leads to muscle damage. This also causes the release of lactic acid and cortisol which cause swelling and pain in your calves. To avoid this, wear a pair of calf sleeves, and your second heart will be healthy and pumping at 100%!


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