Did you ever hear that phrase that says “80% diet – 20% exercise”?

Diet is the most important part of a bodybuilding program, because your body heavily relies on the nutrients from the food and supplements you consume. Knowing what nutrients and food works will help you in your fitness and muscle gaining program.


Your body is a machine that constantly reinvents itself. Every minute of every day, it breaks down its own tissues, replacing them with new stuff it makes from a combination of the food you eat and recycled material it scavenges from other tissues. So what are the best muscle-builder choices that can lead to huge gains?





egg whites

The amino acids found in the egg whites help repair damaged muscle tissue and build new muscle tissue. Egg whites are the best and cheapest protein source that can help you increase and maintain muscle tissue without adding additional fat into your diet.

Egg whites have a 100% absorbency rate – this essentially means they digest quickly in the stomach, which is necessary for muscle building.






Turkey and chicken are excellent sources of high quality protein, which is important for muscle maintenance and repair, bone health, and weight maintenance.

Lean meats such as chicken and turkey breast should be part of every bodybuilder’s diet, being protein-rich and a brilliant source of vitamins and minerals.






Although you want to stay away from saturated and Trans fats, your body still needs essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 to help support the muscle-building process.

The Omega-3 you get from consuming fish can decrease muscle-protein breakdown after your workout, improving your recovery. This is important for the muscle-building process, as you need to store new protein faster than your body breaks down the old stuff.

Salmon, tuna, and sardines are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, as well as canned fish is – providing a quick source protein when you’re in a hurry.






Oatmeal is highly rich in good complex carbs and protein and it also contains nutrients that the body uses for building muscle (1 cup of dry oatmeal contains 3.4 mg of iron and 0.9 mg of niacin – vitamin B3). The Iron transports oxygen into the bloodstream and into the muscles and the B- vitamins converts carbohydrates into energy.

Other benefits of consuming oats are:

  • Better micronutrient profile and more fiber
  • Increased satiety
  • Decreased hunger
  • Lower subsequent energy intake (second meal effect)
  • Fat loss





beef meat

Beef is a major source of iron and zinc, which are two crucial muscle-building nutrients. It is also the best source of Creatine (2 grams for every 16 ounces) — your body's energy supply for pumping iron. It provides your body with high quality protein and a high level of amino acids that work with your insulin to promote muscle growth.

If you’re looking to pack on maximum muscle with minimum calories, you should go for extra lean meat cuts such as rounds or loins.





beans and legumes

Beans and legumes are delicious and highly nutritious sources of protein and fiber.

For sure you understand the importance of protein for muscles, but keep in mind that fiber is essential to maintaining a regular and normal healthy bowel movement and insulin response. This is especially important and critical to muscle growth, because both functions aid in absorption and use of the nutrients you consume.





water glass

Water is the most important nutrient in our body, but also the most often overlooked aspect for building muscle.

In order to move muscle, you need water, because muscle is considered an active tissue and water is found in the highest concentrations in active tissue. If your body is dehydrated, your weight lifting session won’t be too productive because your muscles are deprived of the electrolytes found in water – that control the nerves and contractions of the muscles.

It important to understand that you need to drink water for health and building muscle. Without enough water, your muscles are not getting enough electrolytes and so your muscle strength and control are weakened. If you want to build muscle, than you must keep your body well hydrated.


This is our list with the best food you can add to your nutrition plan to help you achieve your muscle goals. If you’re looking to build up your muscle frame, the one thing you definitely shouldn’t do is eating "empty" calories that do nothing but add fat around your waistline, and not only. Your diet should only consist of healthy, nutritious-rich foods.

Add this list to your diet starting today, and you’ll for sure be on the right path to achieving the muscles you desire so much.



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