The benefits of bracing after an ACL injury


Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are very common among athletes, and often require surgery to restore your knees to full function. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes who participate in high-demand levels of sports are the ones most exposed to a very high risk of ACL injuries. Common ACL injuries include sprains or tears of the anterior cruciate ligament and they are caused by both contact and non-contact mechanisms.

Some of the most common mechanisms are pivoting, sidestepping, cutting, out of control landings, or contact with other players, in case of sports like soccer, football, basketball, etc. If you have a serious ACL injury, you will require surgery to fully restore your knee to normal functions and to be able to return to working out at your desired intensity. However, the recovery time after such a surgery usually takes 6 to 12 months. During your rehab and recovery, you will be required to wear a knee brace, even in milder cases of an ACL injury. For this reason, you will love the comfort and healing effect of our new Mava Knee Brace Upgraded. CLICK HERE and use this chance to get 20% OFF by using code KBRECOV8 at checkout now.


ACL Facts

An ACL injury can influence the risk of developing knee osteoarthritis and other complications, that's why you should take measures immediately. Make sure you consult your medical care provider for professional diagnosis and treatment. It may be difficult to examine the knee when it is swollen and painful, but a physician will be able to help you. Because such an injury causes tenderness in your knee joint, this also weakens your quads, thus decreasing your knee stability. In this case, you must wear a knee brace to help stabilize your knee.




  • The ACL is one of the 4 ligaments that stabilize your knee and it is the most commonly injured knee ligament.
  • An ACL injury most commonly occurs when your knee is hyperextended and a pivot occurs simultaneously. This can happen with or without contact.
  • Women experience a higher risk of ACL injuries due to differences in muscle mass, training levels, and overall anatomy.
  • In severe cases, surgery and rehabilitation are required. The postoperative rehab period can take up to an entire year before you are able to return to your full activity levels.
  • When the knee is put through stress, such as cutting, pivoting, incorrect landing, sudden stops, a direct blow or collision to the knee such as a football tackle, an ACL injury is a very likely outcome.
  • Signs and symptoms of an ACL injury include a loud pop or a popping sensation in the knee, severe pain, inability to continue activity, swelling, loss of range of motion, instability, and increased instability when bearing weight.


ACL Rehab

While initial treatments reasonably include RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), it is mandatory that you seek professional advice from a doctor, to examine your injury and decide whether you need surgery or not, and what kind of knee brace you should be wearing. Knee braces are excellent to help stabilize your knee and relieve pain, and you'll be required to wear them during your rehabilitation phase, as well as in preoperative and postoperative stages in case of a surgery. Make sure that you follow your doctor’s advice to accelerate your recovery, adopt a nutrition based on injury repair, and slowly work towards reducing the limitations of your exercise abilities, under the supervision of a specialist.




Bracing Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of further complications such as osteoarthritis and MCL injuries.
  • Reduces the risk of ACL injury recurrence.
  • Stabilizes and supports your knee joint for full restoration.
  • Increases your range of motion.
  • Strengthens your weak knee joint.
  • Reduces translation and rotation after the injury.
  • Provides support during the postoperative phase.
  • Supports the knee in mild to moderate cases of PCL or MCL instability.
  • Protects you from damage caused by slipping or falling.
  • Allows your knee to rest and recover.
  • Helps you maintain leg extension.

Wearing a knee brace for your daily activities or training sessions will provide you with knee stability, pain relief, performance enhancement, and a boost of confidence during your activity or exercise. If you wear them during lengthy athletic endeavors, they can help decrease muscle fatigue and enhance your proprioceptive abilities. Furthermore, a knee brace with an open patella will help increase your flexibility for a full range of motion. While you are required to keep the protective knee brace on through much of your rehabilitation process to protect your knee from stress, it's wise to continue wearing your knee brace after your ACL has healed, especially during exercise or sporting activities to decrease the risk of a future injury.



You can decrease the risk of ACL injuries by performing exercises that work on your balance, agility, and power. By training the muscles that surround your knee to react when placed under stress, they will develop the muscle memory needed to protect the knee joint in situations of potential injuries. A knee brace can also help develop that sort of muscle memory by helping your knee and the muscles around it to maintain proper form. Make sure you incorporate stretching and strengthening exercises in your routine and warm-up every time before you exercise.

Knee braces offer significant support to your joints, and you benefit from stabilization, thanks to the ability to adjust the knee brace according to your needs. Choose the perfect fit for you, and you'll see significant improvements during your rehab and exercise routine after an ACL injury. Knee braces are a reliable piece of equipment for you, especially if you are looking to prevent or recovering from an ACL injury.

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