There is NO "Best training Program"

1. You must develop confidence to let go of a program that doesn't get you results and give different programs a fair chance. The only way to find out what works for you is to try them! Just don`t abandon a goal after one fail to reach it.

2. Stop copying routines and start acting like a "scientist" in order to discover your best routine. Observe yourself, get to know YOU better !

3. Put everything down on paper. What foods do you respond well too? Do some make you feel bloated? Don`t give you enough energy? Does it give you results? Are they healthy? Nutritious? I always say : Stick to basic foods! But eating chicken breasts and broccoli may seem very hard when broccoli makes you bloated or you simply don`t like it. Find what healthy foods you like, and put them on a regular grocery list to always have them in your fridge.

4. Now that you know what foods to choose, start trying different training programs. Setting a goal is the 1st step, and then comes the research! You can find everything on the internet these days, and if you think all the articles and videos are misleading , I`d suggest getting a personal trainer, nutritionist or whatever you need ( books, paid plans etc) that will help you gain the right information. Ask for help when you know you need it!

5. Gain insight on how your body responds to exercise selection, frequency, volume, intensity etc. Set a timeline and again put it down on paper, to compare results at the end of it.

I learned how to modify constantly my workouts and my diet based on how I train, how I have my clients in the gym, side projects etc. I learned to see the "clues" my body gives me. I am affected, like most of us, by different factors every day such as sleep, stress, diet and environment , so I had to master the ability to listen to my body and adjust everything accordingly.

Do what works.. until it doesn't , and then Switch it up!

What works great one year might not work the same the following year. Even if you found a nutritional plan that works and you`re seeing great results with the workout you chose, If you find yourself hitting the plateau, you need to step up! Eat more, or eat less, eat even better and healthier, change training, add volume or lose volume, run more or stop doing so much cardio, depending on your goal, Switch it up and Don`t fear change!

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