Why Should Heavy Lifters Wear Workout Gloves?

There have always been issues with whether or not heavy lifters should wear workout gloves while working out. The primary reason why some lifters opt to use their bare hands or just use wraps is that workout gloves reduce their sense of touch and loosen their grip. This article debunks why that is actually just a myth and there are so many more reasons as to why heavy lifters should wear gloves while lifting. It is so much more than the aesthetics as it has a ton of practical benefits.

Great For Beginners


Repetitively lifting a heavy rod can be stressful on your hands, especially if you are a beginner. You can expect the appearance of bruises, calluses, and many more. You will experience hand sores and your skin will appear raw. Without any layer of protection, you will be subject to a lifelong process of trying to moisturize or get pedicures to soften and soothe your palms. All of those issues can be avoided if you just wear a protective layer that will take some of the strain off of your hands.

Improved Safety

Keep in mind that you are handling very heavy hunks of metal and accidentally letting go of it can injure you. It is important to maintain a reliable and comfortable grip so that you will not accidentally let go of the rod. Most workout gloves have texture palms that give you a sturdy grip on things, particularly heavy dumbbells. You can now perform those Romanian deadlifts or weighted squats without worrying about safety.

Better Performance

This is not a sweeping generalization because the experience of wearing workout gloves varies from person to person. Some day the padded gloves diminish their sensitivity to the rods. Most weight lifters say that the textured grip made their hold better and therefore improved their performance. The sturdier grip also helps some lifters improve their lifting posture. The proper posture is very important so that you will evenly redistribute the heavyweight of dumbbells throughout your body and you lessen the chances of you straining your joints and possibly injuring yourself. Lifting gloves also give your wrist support so that you will not strain your wrists as you lift.

Better Wrist Strength

workout gloves

Wrist strength is one of the most important things in the world of weight lifting. A stronger wrist allows you to move the dumbbells with more direct force. It is given so much priority that weightlifters actually dedicate a portion of their workouts for improving their wrist strength. The other benefits that you can get from stronger wrists include stronger forearms, better control, more engaged muscles, and many more. A pair of lifting gloves can help strengthen your wrists so that you can lift better. You’ll notice that your bench presses are going to be better or more effortless. 

Prevents Further Injury

When you have a sprained ankle but you want to run, it makes sense to wrap it in some protective layer first, right? The same principle can be applied in the world of lifting. Obviously, it is not recommended to continue to train when you are injured. But if you are healed enough or if your physician gives you the go signal to resume training, you can alleviate some of the pain by wearing gloves. The protective layer around your wrist ensures that you will no longer further injure it. 

Non-Slip Feature

As aforementioned, these gloves are designed with textured palms to improve your grip. It induces more friction so that you will not accidentally let go of the rod. Another issue that contributes to slippage is the presence of hand sweat. You can say goodbye to that problem since most gloves are made of moisture-wicking fabric. You will not experience any wetness because of the barrier. There are also finger holes for you to poke your fingers through. This makes your gloves more breathable and comfortable to prevent excessive sweating.


These gloves aren’t just for lifting. You can also use them for other physical activities that have the chance to strain your hands, like Crossfit or even performing pushups. Crossfit gloves help you perform better at pullups or rope-climbing. 

In conclusion, the benefits that you get from wearing gloves while lifting are insurmountable. They boost your comfort levels in the gym, especially if you are a fan of lifting weights. They are considered essential parts of your gym workout equipment. A pair is a must-have if you want to perform better.



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