Knee injuries are on the rise, especially given the popularity of cross training and other intensive training sessions that allow regular folks to push through their limits and become stronger. This is why turning to protective knee wraps is so important, especially if you are pushing yourself.  Here are 3 reasons why you should consider wearing knee wraps next time you hit the gym.


  1. Prevent knee injuries

Compression knee wraps serve to minimize the risk of severe injuries without interfering with your workout and reducing your mobility. Knee wraps are especially designed to offer extra support and to protect against injuries.  They are particularly important for those who lift weights (or are into powerlifting) and for runners, who put a lot of pressure on their joints.


  1. Improve your workout

A good pair of knee wraps will allow you to increase how much you lift by 5 to 10%.  This is because during the downwards phase of the squat, the wraps allow a large amount of elastic energy to be stored. This energy will then be let out in your upwards phase, meaning your squats will be faster and heavier. Knee wraps also offer you more stability as they improve your balance.


  1. They are easy to use and cheap

There are several techniques to wrap your knees, but if you are a beginner, it’s best you start around one full wrap width below the knee and then move up, making sure you overlap by half the width of the wrap. A good pair of knee wraps should be around $20 to $30, so they won’t be putting a whole through your budget. Besides, they seldom wear out so it’s an investment you should consider making if you’re serious about lifting weights.

A few things to remember: Steer clear of bulky or stretched out wraps that are less than 15 feet. When shopping for a pair of knee wraps, choose the longer ones (as they offer more protection) and go for the wraps that weigh more (they are made of more durable and high-quality fabric). And always read the reviews before making up your mind.

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Mava Sports
Mava Sports

June 08, 2016

The knee wraps are perfect for cross training. We hope you’ll like them as much as everyone else does and enjoy the benefits they have to offer.
Thank you for your comment!

Mava Sports Team

Joe L Hernandez
Joe L Hernandez

June 08, 2016

Very interested in this product looking forward in trying out these wraps in Crossfit. I really hope they will benefit me in my workouts.

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