Top 10 fitness blogs of 2015


Let’s be honest: getting back in shape and staying in shape are achievements in themselves! Fitness, wellbeing and happiness all play major parts on our lives. And we’ve all been lectured on the importance of working out, eating healthy and pushing our limits.

But let’s face it, every now and then, we could all use a bit of motivation. And the following list aims to do just that: give you an inspiration boost. They all offer valuable resources and information on how you can change your life for the better.

We know how valuable your time is which is why we worked hard to present you this fine list of top 10 fitness blogs. We tried to cater for all tastes, from novices to gymaholics. We strived to make our list as holistic as possible, steering clear of clichés and mainstream blogs.

In one word: expertise. A comprehensive approach to all things fitness, offering expert advice from athlethes, nutritionists and psuchologists, covering the 3 main bases of wellbeing: fitness, nutrition and motivation. Be sure to check out the freebies as well. 

In one word: unconventional. Jerred’s blog is characterized by a sense of community and integrity. It’s clearly fueled by his passion for fitness. From honest articles to his very own podcast, his different approach to fitness will make you a stronger and better person.

In one word: chic. With a simple yet elegant blog design and an eloquent writing style, Niomi manages to encapsulate daily life with deliciously healthy recipes, pleasant videos and great taste. With main focus on healthy eating habits and personal style, this is a great blog to follow, unwind and learn from.

In one word: lively. Kasey, the fit woman behind it, is very passionate about wellbeing, fitness and proper eating habits. Her blog posts are versatile, she offers quality videos and her recipes make your mouth water. And did I mention that she’s a certified personal trainer too?

In one word: educational. From complex routines based on your goals and very thorough exercise technique descriptions (with plenty of pics & graphics) to dietary tips and deliciously simple recipes, this blog caters for both men and women, novices and experienced.

In one word: motivational. A strong site ran for women lifters that both inspires and encourages women to pursue strength workouts offering great content such as informative videos, clean eating tips and a whole series of great articles dedicated to women who lift.

In one word: active. A congenial blog for busy moms who are always on the run and want to shift towards a healthier lifestyle. Non-nonsense practical tips presented in shot and easy-to-digest videos that will help you achieve you fitness and wellbeing goals.

In one word: ingenious. A holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle that encompasses fitness and workouts, nutrition and wellbeing with personal touch, written by a former Russian figure skater. Take up a Russian challenge or read on nutritional facts.

In one word: inclusive. Written with both novices and the advanced in mind, anytimefitness has an amazing fitness archive that will take you weeks to go through, their nutrition archive is very practical and elaborate and they offer great resources from recipes to fitness fashion.

In one word: appetizing. Find recipes to fuel your workouts and impress your friends from delightful sweets to easy but delectable meals. Don’t miss out on the fitness sections which offers fantastic tips and printable workout charts.

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