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The elbow is made of three main bones: the humerus, the ulna, and the radius. Each bone is coated with cartilages at the end in order to help them slide together, resulting in movement. All of the bones are connected by tough connective tissues called ligaments. There are also tendons that allow the bones to control the muscles.

Elbow issues are common among tennis players, weightlifters, and any other individual who is physically active. The most common source of elbow pain is strain or sprains. This is a product of elbow overuse.

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What helps with the pain while lifting?

Elbow Pain -Mavasports

The primary treatment plan you can do is to ice the area and rest the joint as much as possible. Avoid moving the joint because this will make the ligaments rub together and make the inflammation worse. Once the pain is at a manageable level, make sure to perform regular stretching and light exercises.

You can also manage the pain levels by stimulating the problem areas through massaging, light pressing, and any other activity that can stimulate the blood circulation in the problem area. Blood circulation is key for better muscle recovery as it keeps the area well oxygenated and warm, therefore speeding up muscle recovery.

In order to prevent your elbow from moving, wear an elbow brace. This immobilizes the area so that the inflammation can subside. This then lessens the pain and allows your elbow to heal. Constantly moving your arm can backtrack your healing process. Mava Sports offers an excellent brace that completely immobilizes the said joint. Users report that it can eliminate feelings of tightness, soreness, and inflammation.

Why do my elbows hurt after working out?

Elbow Pain -  Mavasports

There are many causes of painful elbows. The most common cause of painful elbows is tendonitis. This illness is caused by the overuse of the tendons in the elbow area. The strain arises from repetitive and stressful usage. Other possible causes include sore muscles, torn ligaments, dislocated joints, and more.

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Should I workout if my elbow hurts?

Elbow Pain - Mavasports

If the injury is fresh, you should refrain from working out as this will just further stress out the joint. Rest the injured joint as much as possible. To completely immobilize the joint, use an elbow brace. You should also do activities that will help stimulate blood flow in the area like gently massages and applying light pressure every now and then. 

Try applying a warm compress or any other heating agent. The increased temperature will stimulate blood circulation in the area to boost healing as more oxygenated blood helps your muscles in their healing processes. 

To air on the safe side, you should only resume working out after your physician gives you clearance to do so. You can also resume working out when there is little to no pain left in your elbow. 

Should I wear an elbow brace all day?

Elbow Brace - Mavasports

Yes. This ensures complete immobility for faster healing. It is so easy to accidentally flex the elbow even when you shouldn’t. This happens regularly, from normal chores or while you are sleeping. The constant movement will just undo your healing progress which is why it is so important to keep it still as much as possible. 



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