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Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon

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MavaSports Knee Sleeves on Amazon

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Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon

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Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon

I purchased my first pair of Mava Knee Compression Sleeves just over six months ago. I purchased them for cross training and powerlifting purposes. I would occasionally use them for sprinting or 5k runs. I just purchased a second pair in a different color so that I could use them to run the NYC Marathon. They stayed in position without fail for the entire race. They provided much needed support and stability for the event. I also believe they were instrumental in my rapid recovery immediately following the marathon. Truly outstanding in quality, both before and after my marathon.


Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon

Since 2008 after my torn meniscus surgery, I stopped working out on my legs due to potential further injury. But thanks to a guy at the gym, who shared the same story. He mentioned his new capabilities using the Mava sleeve. He was able to once again perform squats that I hate so much but greatly needed for my deteriorating legs. I decided to try them. THANK YOU MAVA, once again I'm able to return to working out my legs due to the great support I have from these knee sleeves. It feels so good to know the sleeves are giving me support and flexibility to perform my leg workout. Once again I feel like a young man. As a Registered Nurse I truly, truly recommend it. I hate feed backs like this, but I just had to write this one, because these sleeves work. I tell everyone at the gym that ask about them. Sweeeet MAVA.


I am a 37 year old former 2 sport college athlete and played everything growing up. My knees have obviously taken a beating over the years. I've been physically unable to do anything more than air squats for the last year. My knees would pop, burn and swell if I tied. A guy from the Crossfit games swore by them. I figured what the heck. I couldn't be more happy. It was kind of emotional to be able to do something again you hadn't been able to. Oh, my knees were fine the next day! Now my quads, hamstrings and calves... not so much! Lol


Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon

I’ve only used my new Mava support a couple times but it’s substantially better than any brace I’ve used before. I damaged my knee 15 years ago in a motorcycle crash. On top of that I was a police officer for 9 years and had the street name “Running Man”. That says it all. My knees took a toll over the years and this support is hands down the best I’ve ever used. It’s teue support, high quality, and heavy duty. Hands down one of the best purchases I’ve made in awhile. Don’t tell my wife I said so, because she’s the one who found and recommended it!! Haha


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Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon