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Bill M.
Verified Buyer
Great product. There are several things I like about ...
Great product. There are several things I like about his product. One is that actually send a set instead of one. This is pretty cool as everybody else make you buy two of these independently. The fit is great for a very muscled guy like me. My knees feel great after wearing them and they provide excellent support. I was afraid they might itch during workout but that did not happen at all. A really good product.
William W.
Verified Buyer
Excellent Product. Greatly Improved my Workout. Will Buy More in the Future.
I ordered these to help with some pain that I was feeling in my knees during my workout. It felt like my knees were overextending or the bones were shifting out of place during fast/burst movements. From the first day I tried these out, I've felt 100% better. Rarely ever have that pain anymore, maybe once or twice over a few weeks, rather than constantly throughout every workout. They're lightweight and comfortable. They don't slip or roll. They seem to be holding up well under the abuse I inflict upon them. (I wear them during rucking events and physical training exercises where I'm on the ground a lot, crawling, man makers, burpees, etc.) I will be buying another set of these again. Definitely would recommend these to anyone with similar knee problems.
Tom B.
Verified Buyer
Finally found what I was looking for
"I am 6'2, 230 lbs and run as well as do my workouts. I need knee sleeves to ensure I dont injure my knee again since I had bad knees in past and they still haunt me.

I have been trying to find something which is comfortable, doesn't rolls down while I am running or squatting.

I have bigger thighs and always face the problem of knee sleeves rolling down which I hate. Because of the adjustable strap these sleeves stick to where you place them. Also, the length is appropriate so that when you squat or sit they are not uncomfortable.
Alex H.
Verified Buyer
These sleeves are like magic!
I've been a lifelong athlete and unfortunately it has taken its toll on my knees. I've been through countless therapies only for the pain to continue. Patella straps cut off my circulation. But these sleeves are like magic! I wear them everyday to workout and they allow me heater range of motion for things like squats and lunges. They help with agility as well which is where I also had a lot of pain. I would recommend these for sure!
Jemma I.
Verified Buyer
Welcome back to squat nation!
As of right now I currently love the product. I am a veteran with extensive knee problems such as ACL and PCL tears, missing cartilage in my meniscus and so on...Ive been struggling for a long time to find something for my knees so I can do lower body workouts with less pain. These compression sleeves did the trick 100%.
James V.
Verified Buyer
I've used the sleeves about 5 times now and love it!
I've used the sleeves about 5 times now and love it! The neoprene sleeves were too hot for me. The fabric on these sleeves are nice and compression gives me the support I need. It gives me enough warmth without making me uncomfortably hot. My knees feel great after a workout (gym and running), they're comfortable, and pretty much stay in place because of the strap. I've gotten compliments on them as well.

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