Mava® CrossMax Elbow Sleeves

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  •            What's in the Box?

    • 1 pair of our awesome MAVA Crossmax Elbow Sleeves

    The thoroughly-researched MAVA Crossmax Elbow Sleeves was designed to offer the stability, support and compression you need to be pain-free.

              Mava Crossmax Elbow Sleeves, Features and Benefits:

    - SUPERIOR PROTECTION: Our new Mava CrossMax Elbow Sleeves protect your skin against scratches, bumps, and friction. Shield your elbows to prevent overuse injuries, such as Elbow and Golf Tennis, Forearm Tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis & Arm Hyperextension Pain. With our new Elbow Sleeves you will definitely protect your soft tissues and joints against collision damage.

    - TEMPERATURE REGULATION: Exercise indoors or outdoors with our elbow sleeves. They will help regulate your body temperature, regardless of the hot or cold climate. Your performance will not be affected by the temperature in your training environment. You will be able to perform at your highest level without worrying about temperature negatively impacting your output.

    - PROMOTE HEALING: Our elbow sleeves promote proper alignment for full joint restoration and complete healing of your elbow joint. Benefit from adequate support for minor and moderate strains, sprains, and joint instability during your active rehabilitation. Consistent wearing of our CrossMax Elbow Sleeves promotes proper joint alignment and therapeutic warmth to your elbow joint and muscles around it.

    - TRAINING & RECOVERY AID: Accelerate your recovery by wearing our elbow during and after a workout. They enhance your blood flow for a faster warm-up, thus preventing inflammation, tightness, and soreness. This is the perfect gear for an active recovery and safe training, thanks to the adequate compression and pain relieving properties it provides you with.

    - RECOMMENDED FOR: All and any indoors or outdoors activities that demand repetitive and vigorous arm movements, such as Cross Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Basketball, Gym Workouts, Golf, Tennis, Rowing, Bowling, and even daily activities such as painting, gardening, typing, and carpentry.

  • Tested by professional athletes
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