MAVA® Muscle Roller Stick

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  • Our Mava Muscle Roller Stick (Patented) is made out of high quality materials. It is easy to use thanks to its comfortable rubber handles, smooth rotation and even pressure from rollers. An important tool for athletes or non athletes alike.

    • Prevention of muscle injury
    • Getting rid of Muscle Pain and Soreness
    • Enhanced performance of the muscles
    • Muscle recovery time acceleration
    • Improvement in the flexibility and strength of muscles
    • Reduced effects of lactic acid following activity
    • Relaxation after workout
    • Increased circulation in the points with pain
    • Preparing of muscles for athletic and physical exercise 
    • Increases Mobility and Flexibility and Really Helps With Muscle Tightness in Your Legs
    • Helps to Stretch Out Healing Muscles After Surgery or Injury
    • Use After Running or Cycling to Help Speed Up Recovery
    • Tested by professional athletes
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