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Get Leaner & Stronger...
while Everybody else gets Lazy & Fat…
Take Your Training To The Next Level During The Holiday Fitness
  • 30 Days of Intense Coaching, Accountability, Food Plan Optimization & Program Design
  • Be Part of a Team of Focused & Goal Oriented People Who’re Just Like YOU
  • Detailed Meal Plans & Workouts Made Just For YOU
  • Go into 2019 Looking Shredded & Feeling STRONG
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Team Support

Awesome People will Always be in Your Corner to Help You Realize Your Goals!

Experienced Coach

Daily Motivation & Interaction with a Coach who’s been helping dudes get Shredded & Strong for 21 Years!

Tailored Food Menu & Workouts

Get Daily Workouts and Food & Snack Menus that are Specifically Designed for YOU!

Stay Lean & Strong while everybody else gets Lazy & Fat during the Holidays!

Stay ahead of the pack by Training Hard & Eating Clean during the Holidays! Have a Coach and a Team Supporting you every step of the way.

Only Now: $127 $497
The Results were Amazing!
Honestly I didn’t expect to get leaner AND shatter another PR only a few days after Thanksgiving, but I did!
Jim Simpson

Hear From Other Holiday Fitness Challenge Members...

I got back to my high school weight, and I am stronger now too.

Aaron K.

Best decision I ever made! I usually add around 3-5 pounds of fat during the winter holidays but NOT this year.

Benny M.

Staying motivated during Thanksgiving is usually tough, if not impossible. But this year was different. Thanks for your program!

Ivan D.

The 2018 Holiday Fitness Challenge
Right now only for $127