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Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon

These gloves are the best! But the direct customer service was even better! Adrian specifically was simply amazing, taking the time to ensure these amazing gloves fit and performed specifically the way I needed them. I normally like wearing snug gloves and ordered a medium. Adrian took the time to contact me and assured me, if the medium was too small and wasn't comfortable, they would immediately ship a large which they originally recommended for me in the first place. Adrian was right! The large was definitely my size. I provided photos to help illustrate possible M or L dilemma choices for others out there. They give the best of all worlds providing durability, comfort, protection, breathability and style! I am extremely pleased I finally found a product as great as the customer service! Cheers!


Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon

I have a lot of pain in both wrists from old injuries. These really stabilize my wrists and they definitely help my grip a lot. They also look really cool and are very comfortable.

I really want to emphasize that they help my wrists though, because this has really hindered my workouts for awhile before getting these. Even lifts that require a lot of wrist stability like shoulder or bench press have become much more comfortable.

Unlike some other gloves I had, they can be taken off relatively easy too. It may sound minor, but after maxing out Deadlifts, the last thing I want is to fight to get my gloves off.


Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon

I've been wearing these gloves in the gym for a few weeks now, and I gotta say I love 'em! I'm lifting 6 days a week and I feel like they're going to hold up for a long time.

They fit really well, I have relatively big hands but I ordered a medium per the size chart and they're perfect. The palm grip works well and doesn't bunch up in any way. The open back of the glove is great for regulating temperature and makes me feel like I'm not wearing a 'glove'. The wrist support is really substantial and the Velcro is super strong. U can make this wrist wrap as loose or as tight as u want. Also, the fact that it's constructed out of neoprene makes it nicely springy and is going to help prevent glove-funk. All in all it's a great glove. Will report back later on the long term durability.


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Knee Sleeves by MAVA on Amazon