5 Clothing items you should never wear at the gym


When it comes to fitness, motivation plays a crucial role. But gym equipment is equally important – the clothing items we choose to wear when we work out in order to accomplish the goals that we have. An inappropriate apparel will make you sweat unnecessarily, will maintain humidity throughout your training session, won’t allow you perform complex movements and will make you feel uncomfortable. So we’ve come up with a list of 5 items to avoid when you go to the gym.


100% Cotton Clothes

This material may seem comfortable and suitable for training, but the problem is that it absorbs sweat easily and it takes forever to dry. 100% cotton shirts will get stuck to your skin - this can cause chills, or rash, especially on friction areas. Choose lightweight clothing articles which absorb moisture, dry quickly and keep sweat far away from your skin by an optimal evaporation.


Regular Bra

 A sports bra is necessary for a successful workout. A normal bra’s metal wire will make you feel extremely uncomfortable - especially when you’re running on the treadmill. Choose a sports bra according to your size and needs. A little tip: if you want to prolong its life span, leaves it dry by itself after washing it.


Regular Briefs

For men, underwear must definitely have support. Those who’re cycling (but not only) should buy a special kind of shorts in order to get rid of discomfort and avoid injuries. If you don’t like tight underwear, there are other options with several hidden layers inside, that provide comfort and serve the same purpose.



Bracelets, earrings and other accessories don’t belong in the gym. The reason is easy to understand: they can cause injuries. They can get hooked to the fitness machines and to your clothes, while you’re lifting weights or even during cardio. In addition, the jewellery can be also damaged (don’t forget that water darkens silver).


Body Lotions and Strong Perfumes

Lotion + sweat = dirt and grease. Can’t feel it on your legs, but when you perform exercises for the upper body, weights and fitness machines will slip out of your hands and you’ll leave a bunch of microbes on their handles. Regarding perfume, you better leave home. Strong fragrances in combination with sweat can make the guy next to you wake up with a strong headache the following day. Use deodorant and take a bath before. That should be enough.

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