Why Does My Elbow Hurt?


The elbow is the joint that is formed by three bones connected together. The said joint is overused in working out, playing tennis, and more. While elbow complications seem very common, there are actually measures that you can take to avoid them and to prevent elbow injury.

At the instance that you do injure your elbow, it’s important to bring it to full recovery without any complications or setbacks. You need to rest it well and limit its movement to prevent inflammation.

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How To Avoid Elbow Pain

How to avoid elbow pain

The first step to avoiding elbow pain is to warm up before and after a workout or a sport. This boosts the blood circulation in your elbow which makes you less prone to injuries. It’ll also warm up the said joint so that you won’t experience any stiffness that can compromise your skill,

Always follow the proper technique when doing moves. This ensures that you’ll bend your arm at the correct angle and minimize the chances of injuring yourself. For example, lift with the proper form. Run witth thee proper posture. Swing your tennis racket with the correct force and at the correct angle.

Another way to prevent elbowpains is to wear an elbow brace. This pressurized sleeve serves as a preventative measure to minimize elbow injury.

Benefits Of Using An Elbow Brace

Elbow Brace Mavasports

An elbow brace allows you to rest the joint to alleviate the pain levels. It’s also a great transitional accessory that allows you to move or workout without worsening the strain. It shhould be noted that you can only resume working out once your physician gives you the go signal to do so or once the pain has completely subsided.

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Keeps It Immobile

Immobilization of Elbow Pain

Any additional movements can cause stress, worsen the inflammation, and basically stunt your healing. That’s why it is advisable to keep the area as still as possible. That means refraining from working out or training until your physician gives you clearance to do so. An elbow brace applies just the right amount of pressure and compression to keep the joint from moving too much.

Boost Blood Circulation

Boosts the blood circulation

Blood circulation is vital for any type of injury recovery. Blood is responsible for the transportation of oxygen and other minerals necessary for muscle healing and recovery. The way the elbow brace does this is by causing the blood vessels to dilate by adding pressure.



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