Here are five tips that guarantee success in cross training each time.


1. You’re not competing against others

When it comes to doing a WOD, don’t feel like you have to do every rep or be able to do 28″ Box Jumps right from the beginning. Go at your own pace and let the intensity find you. You have to work on your strength and flexibility in order to progress into more demanding workouts. Chase your own capacity before chasing the person next to you.


2. Don’t wait for cross training to work miracles if you’re not willing to watch what you’re eating

Nutrition is the key to every aspect of your life. It affects your energy levels, your recovery, and your overall defense against disease. Remember that the quality of your food is far more important than the quantity. For cross training, or any other type of workout, to be efficient, you just have to eat clean. Your body is a temple. Treat it accordingly.


3. It doesn’t get easier, it just sucks less

After you get stronger, build a greater aerobic capacity and become mentally tough, you'll find that Cross training is actually not that painful and soon you’ll come to love the beat downs.


4. Make it fun! Don’t be afraid of Cross training!                                  

The truth is that some of the workouts are not at all fun and most of them are very rough and difficult. But when it’s over, you feel a sense of accomplishment and power. Train hard, but don’t take yourself too serious - smile, laugh. If you’re not having fun, why are you doing it?


5. Don’t over-train!

Too many newbies and even those who have been doing this for a while get caught up in over-training, because they think it’s going to be even more effective if they overdo it. If you’re killing yourself every time you step foot into the gym, you’re going to eventually break down. You need to take a day off every 3 days or once every 4 to 6 weeks take a week and cut all of your workouts in half.  Start with the end in mind and work backwards from there. Train hard. Train smart. Then get out of the gym and go be an interesting human being.


These are our tips. Think back on all the mistakes you've made when starting Cross training and all the things you know now but wish you knew back then. Have any tips?

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