Happy, happy, joy, joy, here come the days of Christmas holidays!

Winter holidays are one of the most beautiful and magical periods of the year! Big family dinners, quality time spent with our loved ones and friends and most importantly, lots of presents and resolutions for the year to come.

All that being said, this time of the year we need to think more about our health and weight. Sure, we find winter holidays perfect for a little treat. We can’t wait to taste the old, traditional food recipes as well as the new ones but we also care about staying fit! Some people can gain 5-7 pounds during the holiday season, though according to a University of Texas SW Medical Center, most people only gain 1-2 pounds during the season. So be sure you stay fit, healthy and happy! Don’t let the inevitable stress of the season change your mood!

Here are 5 tips for staying fit and motivated during holidays!

1. Exercise in the Morning

Feel fresh and ready after a morning workout for sibling’s visits and spending time with your family and friends. It also helps you to get away from the stress and feel better after these busy days of making sure everything is set in the right place. A quick 20 minute workout will boost your energy for the day!

2. Stay busy, walk more!

Stay fit while taking care of all the holidays’ preparations! Just twenty minutes of brisk walking can burn over 100-150 calories. Walk more, more than you usually do, to burn some calories and with a little effort and accomplish everything in no time. 

3. Water is your best friend!

It keeps you hydrated and will help you lose weight during holidays. Also, a large glass of water could be really helpful when avoiding eating too much at the dinner table. This is not skipping a meal - just a way to work through temptation because some people confuse hunger with dehydration.

4. Stay away from liquid calories!

We all enjoy holiday parties and having so much fun, but we sure do like delicious and complex drinks. But do we know how much calories do they have? Delicious cocktails and glasses full of champagne could affect our weigh. The key is to limit yourself to one great drink in order to stay fit!

5.  Keep calm and avoid stress!

Spend quality time with the dear ones. Visit local stores and Christmas markets, get in touch with old friends, enjoy the Christmas decorations in your town and do fun activities!

To draw a conclusion, it’s very important you take care of yourself during holidays! Treat yourself, but try to eat balanced meals and don’t forget to work out a bit every day! You can change a lot by taking care of you and your dear ones, never forgetting that your health and wellness are of the essence!

Be patient, happy, honest and thankful! Happy Fit Holidays!


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