Having a hard time deciding to start going to the gym? You should know that nobody was born a pro; you just learn and then progress. Being new to the gym isn’t always the most excited thing in the world and you needed to know some things from you start.

To help you out we will give you 7 very helpful tips for gym newbies.  And keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere!  This is your chance for a healthier lifestyle and if you’re willing to take it, you’ll overcome all your fears and doubts! Be open-minded and enjoy getting in shape!

1. Set goals from the start.

When you step into the gym, you already know what you need to accomplish. Keep in mind that goal whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle or train you need a workout program and determination. You need to take the right steps towards reaching your goals.

2. Don’t do everything from the very first day.

Lifting takes time and entails risks. If you haven’t had the chance to lift weights before it is better to start slow and take it easy. Stick with the machine weights at first rather than free weights. When you feel comfortable enough with those you are ready to take your training to the next level.

3. Try to prevent injuries.

Using the right gym equipment for protecting your knees and wrists goes a long way. Knee wraps and wrist wraps will help you prevent injuries. Gym gloves could also protect your hands against blisters and calluses without getting in the way of your workouts.

4. Get curious and sociable!

If you’re having trouble with anything in the gym, don’t be shy and start asking for help! Most people will be willing to give you a hand! This way you’ll prevent injuries, embarrassment and those who help you feel like they know valuable answers and can teach others. It’s a win-win situation!

5. Stay focused!

Challenge yourself during every intense workout and most importantly keep focused! We know that chatting and long interesting conversation at the gym are the best, but you’re there to work hard and get fit, not to talk about hobbies!

6. Sharing is caring

Share the equipment with other gymaholics. Let the others get the chance to train like you. Don’t hog a certain piece of equipment the entire session or use it as a comfortable sitting spot during your breaks.

7. Have respect for the others and take care of the gym’s equipment.

Be polite, stay focused on working out and don’t get into arguments. Also, keep the gym equipment the same way you. Don’t be rude, lazy or uncool. Just try to take care of your goals, make friends and consider the gym your home.

In the end, for a short period of time we all have been beginners of something! Being a gym newbie isn’t that hard, while being determined and motivated is! Work hard and everything will seem so easy in no time! Take care of yourself, use the right equipment and A BIG WELCOME to the big family of gymaholics!


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