We all want to see results as soon as we start a new journey. As for getting in shape, the process could take some time and to see the actual results you need to be patient and work hard towards your goals. You also need to watch your daily habits and combine the right diet with proper exercises.

Of course, there are many efficient workout exercises that can help us burn calories faster. Here are some of the most important exercises that can help you boost your energy and burn calories faster. Give them a try. Maybe you’ll include some of them in your daily routine!


Dumbbell Rows

Great exercise for muscles and burning calories rapidly. How’s done: choose a flat place (preferably a bench) and put you knee on the top of it with your body leaning forward, parallel to the ground. The right hand must be on the bench for support and in your left hand hang a dumbbell. Bring the dumbbell to the chest and then lower to your initial position.



They’re of the best full body exercise because they’re burn between 8 and 14 calories per minute. The burpee is a dynamic exercise in which you consist of going from a push-up position to a jump and back to a push-up position. It will sure hit every muscle in your body.



This is a helpful exercise for the strength in your arms, chest and shoulders! Keep in mind that if you want to get rid of the armpit fat this are this is the right exercise for you!


Jumping squats

Jumping squats are one of the most common burning calories exercises. You can burn 100 calories in just 10 minutes of jumping squats. Don’t forget to rest in between the sets, 30 seconds is the norm.


Chest presses

Three sets of chest presses with 30 reps each will help you burn a great amount of calories. You need to lie on your back, your knees need to be up as the feet are flat on the floor. Then grab two weights and lift them above so that your arm are in line with your chest.


These are the most known fat burning exercises that can you do and get rid of calories in no time. We only gave you some examples, but there are plenty others out there. For better advice and a complete training program you should consult a trainer.

Don’t forget that the right diet and exercises will yield results in no time!

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