Welcome to the Mava Sports Family!

Join us as we grow together as a family… a family that grows muscle!

We are so excited to openly welcome you to our Facebook Group – our new home for our Facebook Family. For people who think like us, train like us, and eat like us.


We encourage, empower and support a healthy lifestyle, an active body, an inspired and motivated mind, a happy spirit. And we want to pass this onto those we care about – YOU.


We created our Facebook Group as a safe place, a private place for you and people who enjoy this lifestyle as well. We want to nurture confidence in our team members and we want you to achieve your goals, aim higher, learn new tips, accomplish the impossible!


We are here to tell you that YES – you CAN! We are eager to read your stories, see photos of your progress and learn about your diet and program. We want to share our knowledge with you, we want you to know all about the many diets out there, and all about the craziest training programs we can find!

And because this is a place for our family and we all tend to spoil our families – you will be given many delightful treats.


We offer exclusive deals & bonuses – Mava Sports Family ONLY! You’ll be replacing sugar cravings with discount cravings in the blink of an eye!

If you are eager to find out when we launch a new product – our Facebook Family will be the first to know. Find guidance, insights, wisdom, resources and motivation that will help you on your path to your best self.


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  • Power Up & Empower
  • Take & Give your Daily Dose of Motivation
  • Connect with Your Mava Sports Community
  • Learn New Tips & Tricks
  • Update us on Your PR, WOD
  • Share Your Help & Experience
  • Get your friends to join and receive Member Exclusive DEALS: BONUSES, PROMOTIONS & DISCOUNTS!


No pressure! We just want you to feel confident, powerful, to feel like you can do anything you set your mind to. And most importantly: to connect with people who can help you achieve that. There will always be someone with a question and there will always be someone with the answer – what if it’s you?


Come join us, inspire us with your story, your Personal Records, your goals – even your passion for guidance. And we will keep you motivated with exclusive deals, premiere announcements on our new products, and so much more!


Don’t be shy! Don’t leave your family waiting. We cannot wait to cheer you up as you lift heavy & train hard. We know you will find the advice you seek and the motivation you need in our home. We only ask you to treat it like your own – with respect and warmth.


We’re waiting on you! Stay fit, lift & never quit!

 The Mava Team!

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