Resistance Bands…Portable, Versatile…Amazing?

Quality of Life and How to Improve it with Resistance Bands

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Health and fitness are now more important than ever and as the demands of modern society pile up, our bodies are usually the first to take the hits.

Stress, coupled with sitting for hours on end and poor mobility take a fast toll on our capacity to efficiently live our lives and enjoy every day to its fullest.

Let’s be frank, on a list of important desires for all of us, quality of life is very high up there.

But how do you achieve an optimal quality of life without too much hassle?

Word is by using proper nutrition, getting optimal sleep and staying fit.

Let’s talk about staying fit for a moment.

Using Resistance Bands at Home for Beginners

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Everybody loves going to the gym to stay in shape, but what happens when we don’t have that luxury either from a lack of time, high price or because of other constraints?

The first obvious alternative would be a home gym, but that isn’t portable, is expensive and hard to set up. Plus, it’s confined to a single space and doesn’t offer you much-needed mobility, which is so crucial these days.

Can you have home fitness without a home gym? Well, you can. Portability, reliability, and versatility come in a small package.

Small, but fantastically effective. This is where resistance bands come in…

The versatility of the bands is their best asset and combined and their unparalleled portability means you can take care of your body wherever you go and anytime you choose.

And it isn’t superficial work either. It’s work on crucial parts of your body, your joints and muscles.

Forget the home gym. Weights are bulky, expensive and they usually smell funky. Resistance bands are light, portable, and infinitely versatile. They don’t require special storing conditions and take up little storage space. Not to mention they’re several orders of magnitude less expensive than high-end fitness equipment.

Biomechanically, resistance bands are superior to dumbbells because they’re not only portable, they allow you to target your joints specifically, using direct stretching/mobility work, which dumbbells are not designed to do.

Also, the bands apply constant tension on your muscles, which activates them optimally, throughout the whole range of movement. They’re excellent for developing strength and functional fitness.

Resistance bands also carry a lower risk of injury, as you have much greater control over the bands during the movement, rather than a barbell or dumbbell. They don’t weight much, so you can’t drop one on your foot either.

You don’t need to compromise when using them either, by doing only exercises for a single muscle group. High-quality workout bands for home fitness, like the ones we offer, are looped, so you can also use them on a host of complex or full-body exercises, including squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups, especially.

Pull-ups are one of the best upper-body exercises and doing them requires a significant amount of strength. Our looped bands are excellent for assisting you at doing pull-ups, enabling you to build strength quickly and safely by giving you just the right amount of help when you need it.

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Stretching with Resistance Bands

credit brandA stretch a day keeps the doctor away... A healthy body is one of the cornerstones of a fulfilling life and we should do everything in our power to keep our bodies as wholesome as possible. Next to fitness and nutrition, mobility is the third pillar of an optimum body.

We sit (in cars, at work, on the sofa) entirely too much, which makes us stiffer and prone to injury. Sitting is one of the most harmful things we can do and experts suggest we are more likely to die earlier from all causes after sitting just three hours every day:

Resistance bands enable you to revert all that stiffness and regain your natural range of motion. Regular stretching also helps you decrease recovery time and stay flexible.

The great advantage of resistance bands is that you can use them to stretch virtually any part of your body. You can target any lower or upper muscle/joint, front to back.

Using a band with your regular stretches can help you get the extra stretch tension you need without having to include complicated contraptions or other people into the mix.

Postural problems

Back pain is the second most encountered type of neurological pain in modern days and postural problems contribute to its causes significantly.

You can use resistance bands to correct your posture by stretching your chest and strengthening your back with targeted exercises.

Shoulder issues

A lot of us have shoulder issues, particularly with the rotator cuff (a group of muscles and their associated tendons that stabilize the shoulder), that are very easy to ignore and damage when doing exercises improperly.

Using Resistance Band for Rehab

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Let's rehab. After an injury, whether serious or mild, it’s good to start physical therapy as soon as possible, but putting to much strain on a injured body part too soon is a bad idea. Resistance band work for injury rehab is ideal, as they allow you to perfectly control the tension, angle, and application of force.

You shouldn’t do anything too drastic when you’re rehabbing. This is where resistance bands come in. They allow you to apply the right pressure in the right amount, which allows you to set the pace you are comfortable with.

Due to their versatility, you can use resistance bands to rehab any part of your body, progressively increasing the load and range of motion until full recovery. Try shoulder rehab band exercises, ankle or knee rehab band exercises

Choose the Proper Resistance Bands for You

credit brand We have a range of excellent resistance bands made of 100% natural latex which can be used for a vast amount of activities, including powerlifting, stretching, yoga training, physical therapy, boxing training, posture correction and more.

They’re exceptionally durable, resulting from a technological process that fuses together multiple layers of natural latex, so you can be sure they won’t give up on you when you need them most.

They simply don’t crack under pressure. Not today, not ever.

Get the single band option or get an entire set for the complete package. As always, it’s all up to you.

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