Take a look at this list of 5 foods that you thought were healthy...


Gluten free foods

Although some people need to avoid gluten for medical reasons, many others cut it out because they think "gluten-free" means healthy. It doesn't. Many gluten-free foods, especially sweet stuff like cookies, have the same number of calories as their gluten-containing equivalents, if not more.


Foods with added antioxidants or vitamins

Since doctors tell us to load up on antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies, manufacturers love slapping phrases like "with antioxidants" or "with added vitamins and minerals" onto processed food labels. Oftentimes, these foods are far from nutritious and the added vitamins aren't coming from real fruits and veggies.


Fat free salad dressing

Even though fat free dressing has fewer calories than its fatty filled counterpart, you're not getting the results you target by eating vegetables with skinny dressings. Non-fat dressings often contain more salt to compensate for flavor, and will include dozens of artificial ingredients.



Low-fat yogurt can be a lifesaver for those who want to eat healthier: it's low in calories, contains pro-biotics, calcium and has a rich, creamy taste. But recent studies are starting to question whether yogurt is a food you should be eating Greek yogurt may be low in sugar and packed with protein, but your everyday Dannon or Yoplait? Not so much. Did you ever imagine that the sugar content of regular yogurt can be as much as a can of soda?!!


Fruit juices

Many people believe that fruit juices are healthy because they come from fruits, but a lot of juices you buy aren’t really from real fruits. Sometimes, you are only drinking fruit-flavored sugar water.


Whole wheat

Most of these products aren’t made from whole wheat, and whole wheat bread can actually have a similar glycemic index as white bread. The ways that the scientists chose to increase yields – altering wheat genes – proved to be unhealthy. They may cause increased inflammation and cholesterol .


With that being said, think twice before putting these foods in your shopping cart!

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