While most aspects of exercise are pretty straightforward and understandable, there are still some underrated workout tips that do not get the attention they deserve. This is probably because working out in general has generated some myths and stories that are not quite true or perhaps not very well understood.

What follows are four of the most underrated workout tips that you should employ the next time that you are engaged in an exercise routine. That way, you can either take advantage or avoid some of the pitfalls when it comes to working out.


You Can “Gain Without Pain”

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the old workout saying is “no pain, no gain” which has become repeated so often that whatever meaning it originally had has now been lost for most people. The truth is that the “pain” you push through is generally the very mild muscle soreness that you might have experienced from a previous workout.

However, pain is the body’s way of telling you to Stop! If your muscles are so sore from a previous workout that you cannot walk properly or if your resting heart rate is way too high or if you only got a few hours of sleep last night, then stop working out. All you are doing is increasing the chances of getting injured.


Understand Your Limits

Getting to know your personal limits will greatly help you when working out because then you can push your thresholds to the limit. All too often, people either give up too soon which means that you have not reached your goals or not soon enough and you injure yourself in the process. So, you will need to know your limits first before pushing yourself outside the comfort zone. This is where having a personal trainer can come in handy. However, listening to your body is a very good indicator of when you are going too far.


Add More Variety to Your Workout Routine

One of best ways to stay interested in your exercise routine is to mix things up so that you don’t get bored and your muscles do not become stale. For weight lifters, you’ll want to change up your routines and add in new ones to augment your exercise program. For those who enjoy cardio, mix in brisk walks, cross training and even yoga to keep the muscles guessing and growing while your mind stays interested.


 Eat More Carbohydrates

Another of the world’s oldest myths is that you need to seriously cut down on carbohydrates in order to shed the fat. The truth is that you need to eat the right amount of carbs and from the best sources. Your body needs carbs for energy otherwise it will start to quickly break down when working out. So, be sure you eat enough carbs to power you through the day, but lay off consuming too many.


Take A Brisk Out

Walking has proven to have many of the same health benefits as running, such as reduced risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and improved cardiovascular health. A brisk walk is good because it won’t put undue stress on your body like running might, but taking some deep breaths while walking can help you get your thoughts in order.


Get More Sleep

Nothing is more underrated than the value of sleep. The duration and the quality of your sleep have a remarkable impact on recovery for you as an athlete, because getting more sleep improves the quality of your workouts and the amount of training stress you can induce and adapt to. As a favor to yourself today, go to bed an hour earlier.


By following these underrated workout tips, you can get the most from your exercise efforts and shed the excess body fat until you have reached your goals.


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