If your workouts are not getting you the expected results, then you’re likely doing one or more of these mistakes. Find out in how many of these categories you fall into, and then start revising them.


#1 You’re expecting immediate results

Instead of performing every workout with focus and determination, you’re measuring immediate results. You can’t workout hard and intensively for a couple of weeks and expect amazing results. Instead, you will exhaust your body and stop seeing any results because you’re overtraining.

It takes time and motivation, and having unrealistic expectations can sometimes bring you down making you stop working out. Stop obsessing over the results and start focusing more on getting a good proper workout every day.


#2 You plan your workout according to your dispositions

You should never consider whether or not to workout. Instead, you should go to the gym every day as you planned when you took the challenge of getting yourself into shape. Don’t let distractions overwhelm you and take focus from what makes you feel better. You will always feel better after a workout, no matter what your mood was at the beginning of it!


#3 You are focusing too much on strength training

Focusing too much on strength training and neglecting to vary your workouts will make reaching your goals fail. In order to become stronger, you need to stimulate your muscles in different ways. Simply performing the same exercises in the same order and same number of reps every time you hit the gym won’t work.  Our advice is to find a strength- training coach and discuss with him about the plans for a proper strength-building protocol.


#4 You’re not giving enough attention to your nutrition program

With a lousy diet, you will find that it’s hard to maximize the ability to obtain your goals. You need to conceive a rigorously nutrition plan making sure that you’re reaching your daily nutritional numbers with every meal.

When your diet comes secondary you won’t reach your full potential whether you’re training for muscle gain, fat loss or both.


#5 You’re letting yourself get derailed by one bad workout

You need to keep in mind that everyone has a bad day in the gym from time to time. Don’t consider the workout a failure just because last time you were able to lift a particular weight for 6 reps and this time after 3 reps your muscles gave away. Rather than quitting, take a two minute brake and think of a way to make that day’s work out a success.


Is it one, two or all of them? Are you making any of these mistakes? If not, you are on the right track, job very well done! But if you did fall into any of these mistakes, then you’ve got work to do starting today. Make the best of it!

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