So you decided to start going to the gym and that is a great thing. However, you might be tempted to fall into some newbie-traps and make some mistakes that could prove deadly for your results and further motivation.


Here is a list of the most common mistakes that gym beginners often make – followed by some tips that’ll help you avoid them.


#1. You set unrealistic goals

If you think that those extra pounds will disappear in no time, you might be a bit disappointed. It will take more than, say, two weeks of intensive training to get there. You didn’t put on that weight within a week, did you? We thought so. Research the internet for some trustworthy sources, talk to professionals, settle for a schedule, follow it rigorously, be consistent and you’ll see results. Not next week, but rest assured that you’ll see them. 


#2. You don’t get enough rest

A frequent mistake that many gym newbies make is not resting enough and over-training. The only things you’ll achieve are the risk of getting injured, the incapability of staying focused, or being too tired to reach your full working out potential. Five training sessions a week are, actually, sufficient.


#3. You don’t eat properly before working out

When you’re dieting, the temptation to skip a couple of meals is, indeed, eye-catching. But no, don’t fall into that trap! If you exercise, you need a decent amount nutritious food, especially before you work out. Here’s an idea: eat some whole wheat bread, chicken breast and vegetables sandwiches at least two hours before going to the gym – it will work wonders: both for your tonus and your upcoming results.


#4. You don’t stretch

The warm up and cool down are both crucial for your body. In order to avoid injuries, do a 10-15 minutes warm up before your training session. After you’re done with your work out, schedule the same amount of time for some stretching exercises – these will help you maintain your muscles’ flexibility.


#5. You focus on the same type of exercises

If you perform the same type of exercises for a long period of time, your body will get used to that routine and you won’t notice significant results anymore. In order to lose weight, get toned and maintain your fit figure, you have to constantly challenge your body.


#6. You focus on quantity over quality

You might think: if I work out more, I’ll achieve better results in no time. Well, that’s not so true, actually – especially when talking about lifting weights. You don’t have to exhaust yourself. For great results, you just have to take one step at a time – gradually. And, last but not least, to focus on performing the exercises correctly.


Well, now you know! Avoid these at all costs and enjoy your great outcomes. Good luck in your fitness journey!


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