Great tips for great abs


Sometimes, the main reason of wanting to go to the gym or simply workout and stay fit is having the perfect abs, getting rid of our belly flat. If you want to build a six pack we should mention that isn’t such a simple process, it requires dedication, a proper diet and a lot of hours spend in the gym.



Here we present you some tips and suggestion to keep you straight in your journey! Probably, you know some of them, but you need to know extra information when you’re starting the journey of gaining the perfect abs!


Start slow and take your time

Don’t rush thing. Start with a exercising program in your mind and focus on intensity. In this way you’ll prevent the early injuries and you’ll accelerate the process. Progress needs time and focus, don’t ruin everything by being careless and take things easy and make them efficient.


Do sit ups

They’re efficient for your whole body. You need to lie on the floor, your feet being on the floor, knees up and hands crossed on you chest. You’ll be needing someone or something to hold your feet down. Then sit all the way up, lift you back off the floor along with your shoulder blades. Keep your back straight and lower yourself down.


Do crunches

They’re very simple to execute: lie on the floor with you arms in front of you chest, bend your knees and raiser you shoulders towards your knees, using your abdominal muscle. This exercise is important for flexing your abs.


Follow your diet

Nutrition is very important in your journey to build the perfect abs. You need to be careful what aliments you consume and of the amount of calories that you eat. Also, a key to success are the small meals which consists of carbs, protein and healthy fats. For more information and a suitable diet depending on your body, you should consult a trainer.


Sometimes, a rest is efficient

Don’t try to workout everyday or to work your abs every day.  You muscles need time to rest and to recover from intense workouts. It is recommended to do abs once every 3 days. Don’t focus just on one part of your body, but let the abs recover and grow!

For ideal abs you don’t need a magic formula, just some hard working, a proper diet plan and a stash of motivation. You just need to focus on you goal, to be determined and have a proper training program. Don’t over-train, rest and get your body in shape!

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