We hope that the passing year has been amazing for you and that you achieved everything you wished for. Also, we hope that this year you get and stay in shape and look after your health. It’s usually during this important time of the year that we look forward to building our future training program and goals.

In this article we tried to give you some useful tips for improving your workouts in the future. Remember that every goal in achieved by following a right training plan, by working hard and always staying motivated.

Build the right training program

Start planning every step ahead if you are willing to tackle your future fitness resolution. Set some proper goals and build on them. Don’t rush things, take your time and plan everything out. You can do a pros and cons list to figure out which exercises will work best for you or what should you change or improve in your daily routine.

Keep an eye on your progress

Choose to take better care of your workout process and progress. Watch every progress and results that come from your training routine. Focus on small and successful things and better results will come with time. Progress needs time and hard work.

Focus on your weakness

You mustn't get lost in you daily routine.  Progress is built on complexity and variety. Try new exercises or combinations of them. Test complex exercises and add the best of them in your workout routine. You can also always try and improve your technique and focus on you strength.

Don’t waste time

The time you spend at the gym is very important. Stick on your program and watch your rest periods. Try to keep a balance between your workout hours and rest periods. Rest is important, as is your workout. You just need to focus on you work and rest according to your plan.

Get more sleep

Get 8 hours of sleep per night. You can try to stick to a schedule that will help you rest and be ready for the gym time. Don’t waste any more time with other small activities, focus on your body because after an intense workout session it needs to rest and recover.

In the end, we wish you good luck in planning your new year’s fitness resolution. Keep in mind that a healthy and fit body takes time to build. Reward yourself, follow a strict program and get ready for a year full of challenges! Happy Fit New Year from Mava!


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