How to work around not working out

When it comes to workouts, most of us will admit to having skipped a session at some point for various reasons which made perfect sense at the time. But while some of those reasons may have been valid, others turn out to be the ‘dog ate my homework’ kind of justification. They are more commonly known as excuses. Learning how to tell excuses from reasons is the first step to take in preventing unwanted slipups that could quickly turn into habit.

Make time, not excuses

Most people blame the lack of time when asked about the main reason they don’t go to the gym regularly or skip their scheduled workouts. It’s easy enough to find yourself overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities and having to cut back on some of your activities. Working out, however, is not so much a hobby as an important factor contributing to a healthy lifestyle. You wouldn’t skip lunch or dinner, would you? Instead of skipping your workout altogether, try breaking it up into shorter sessions or integrating it into your daily activities. While watching your favorite shows after a long day at work, walk in place or use resistance bands for strength training. Involve your children into your workouts, it’s bound to be fun. Some exercise is still better than none.

Motivation is key

Sometimes your list of reasons seems to be longer than that. It’s raining outside, it’s too hot or too cold, it’s too crowded at the gym or your car has broken down, there’s that great movie on TV and your couch is too comfy to leave. In one word: laziness. Sure, we all have bad days when we don’t feel like doing anything, but here’s the thing: it’s been scientifically proven that exercise makes you happy. And if that’s not motivation enough, try reminding yourself about your goal and think about what you set out to accomplish. Don’t settle for anything less than that. Get off your couch and go to the gym.

Get creative, change is good

Last but not least, a widespread culprit that prevents you from following your usual workout routine is boredom. You may no longer be noticing results or feel that your weight loss has reached a standstill. Either way, your motivation has hit the floor and it doesn’t see like it’s about to get back up on track. Sometimes small changes can be enough to bring back that enthusiasm. Try working out outdoors if you usually do it indoors or exercise at a different time of day to begin with. If that isn’t enough, adding new techniques or exercise styles will certainly do the trick. Or, why not, try something new for a change?

It’s easy to find excuses, it’s normal to make mistakes. One slipup is not the end of the world, as long as you don’t allow it to turn into habit. Accept the fact that you’ve made a mistake, move on and get right back on track.       

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