Winter has left you feeling drained, moody and unmotivated. Do you wonder why you seem to get the spring blues every year? It turns out that your body finds itself in need of a thorough spring cleaning as much as your house.

During winter, your system has cluttered itself with toxins and been drained of its reserves due to the lack of sunlight and poor indoor air quality. Here are some ideas to get you feeling rejuvenated and fresh physically and mentally in order to be able to keep up with all your workout plans.


Plenty of water and tea

Water is your new best friend. Drink it often and in large amounts. Water helps flush out the accumulation of toxins in your body faster, so make a habit of drinking at least eight cups every day. Keeping yourself well hydrated makes your skin look firmer and more luminous. Also, you may want to try lukewarm water with a slice of lemon in the morning to help kick start the digestion process.

You can also turn to herbs for help in fighting the toxic buildup in your system. Herbs are well known for their healing properties, therefore herbal teas make great allies. Dandelion tea helps your kidneys process everything while milk-thistle rejuvenates your liver, which is the body’s main shield against toxins. Moreover, green tea is full of antioxidants and a mild, healthy replacement for your morning coffee.


You are what you eat

It goes without saying that a balanced diet is a must during any detox period, so try to give up on the main culprits: junk food, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes. Instead, focus on eating as many fruit and vegetables as you can.

A colorful plate is not just pleasing to the eyes, but also offers a wide range of those essential vitamins and minerals your body desperately needs after winter time. Most importantly, do not skip breakfast, as it provides you with all the necessary energy to get you going in the morning.


Healthy mind in a healthy body

Sleep and relaxation also play an important role in the detox process, so make sure you do something relaxing every day and that your body gets enough sleep. During sleep, both the body and the mind take a break from processing all the stress accumulated over the day, so don’t deprive yourself of it.

Gain extra sleeping time by carefully organizing your activities throughout the day and your immune system will surely thank you for it.

By cleansing your body of all the toxins accumulated throughout winter, you strengthen and prepare it for the period of activity lying ahead. Rejuvenated and recharged, your body will be able to keep up with you through every challenge that you face.

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