Her name is Christina Ann and she is a beautiful single mother of two boys and a gorgeous daughter. From the beginning of our talk, we learn that her married life wasn’t easy at all, but Christina likes sharing her story on Instagram to help and inspire other women.

“In short, I left a 6 year abusive marriage along with my three young children (ages 8, 6 and 5)” she remembers. “My ex cheated on me and abused me emotionally and physically. I suffered many years believing I couldn’t do anything on my own – raising my kids, being successful. Two years ago I finally left with my kids and filed for divorce.”

As you may think, things weren’t easy for her even after escaping the abusive marriage she was in. “I turned into drinking for a while, just to get by. I quit drinking 262 days ago – today. I traded my bottles for dumbbells.”

Christina, or #steena2.0 as people know her on Instagram, started training seriously in January “I’m training hard and trying to stay healthy because I can’t go a day without pushing my body in the gym.”

She also heard about our Mava Sports Company early this year and purchased a pair of Leather Hand Grips. When asked what she loves most about our product, Christina said “To be honest with me, it’s about both fashion and function, plus quality. As I was starting to lift heavier, I found my hands still getting callused with the gloves I had.”

“I didn’t want to get hurt and be out”, so she searched online for a new pair of gloves that would protect her hands from calluses and provide the support she needed. “Love the Mava leather hand grips because they are light. They provide both wrist support and protection for my hands.”

“I love the red cuffs, they make me feel like a badass when I walk into the gym. It’s all mental – when I feel good I work harder. I want that feeling of empowerment… And there are days when I’m tired and not feeling 100%, but I still go to the gym because I know I’ll feel better coming out. Looking like a beast makes me more confident. It goes back to all the mental hurdles I had to overcome fighting to get my life back.”

“I recently purchased your Mava Calf Sleeves. Also great product! Enough support to work through any leg day without being too tight or unbreathable. They’re comfortable. And frankly, I get a lot of compliments on them when I wear them.

We told Christina that her story is remarkable. She managed to get through some tough times and still remain standing. We believe her story will help and motivate a lot of women in her situation and just people in general. “Thank you. I needed help for many years, but slowly I got it. If I can be an inspiration for other women, then my purpose is served. We’re all in this together, so when opportunities to share my story present themselves, I am assured I am doing what I was created to do.”

“I am honored to share my story with Mava Sports. Thank you for making amazing gear!”

Looking through her Instagram account you can see lots of great photos from her workouts at the gym, her life as a mother, but also some very inspiring word she lives by and wants to pass to those following her.

“My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me
will never miss me, and that what missed me was
never meant for me” – Imam ash-Shafi’i

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