There are many misconceptions about cross training that are especially alerting for those who have never tried this type of training before. The issue is that the cross training method is misunderstood. If you want to know exactly what it’s all about, you have to stop listening to the voiced criticisms and try it yourself.



Here are some of the most common myths that need to be cleared up so that everyone can see cross training for what it really is. 


Myth #1 Cross training is dangerous and injuries are inevitable

Cross training is not particularly dangerous. With any activity there is a risk of injury. It’s important to know that the risk of injuries and problems occur when you go against your and your coaches’ better judgment. It has a similar injury rate as gymnastics, weightlifting and powerlifting. Cross training can help you strengthen your muscles and prevent injury by working different groups of muscles in one workout. It is also great for when you’re recovering from an injury but you can’t give up working out. 


Myth #2 It’s going to make you bulky

This might not be a big issue for man, but it’s a concern that most women have. However, you should know that for gaining muscle mass, there is a specific training routine you would have to follow, lift heavy weights on a very regular basis and your diet should be high in calories and protein.

Remember that cross training isn’t dedicated solely to lifting heavy weights. It’s about helping you become a stronger, toner, fitter version of yourself.


Myth #3 It’s only for experienced athletes

The beauty of cross training is that it’s for everyone. All the WODs and exercises are infinitely scalable, and everything can be modified to suit the needs of every individual, according to their capabilities. You join a gym because you need to get in shape, so stop making excuses like “I’m not fit enough” or “Now it’s not my time”. You make it your time.


Myth #4 It’s too expensive

It is more expensive that your typical gym, but you don’t just pay for the space and equipment – you also get trainers that offer you full support and advice to help you reach your goals.


Myth #5 It’s time-consuming

You need to prioritize your needs and what is most important for you. Is your health and well-being important? Then you surely have 60 minutes a day you can put into helping you become healthier and better overall.


Myth #6 You have to follow a specific diet when cross training

Even though you’d be joining a cross training gym, you would still get to make the decisions as to what you put in your mouth. Most people who are cross training follow the Paleo diet, but you don’t need to. What you do need is to change your eating habits and embrace clean eating.


Myth #7 You must be competitive

No need for that. You only need to better than yourself. Don’t get the idea that your training partners are at the same level as you are or they can handle just as much as you can. Focus on your own challenges and do your best with every exercise you go through. This will help you stop comparing yourself with others.


There you have it. We’ve managed to debunk these 7 myths and misconceptions about what cross training is. If you haven’t tried it before, then you should go and make up your own mind about cross training. You’ll see that the exercises are fun, efficient, designed for everyone and tailored to helping you get fit and healthy for life.

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