Arguably the worst part about exercising is the muscle soreness and fatigue that you’ll feel the next day. While most of the soreness is minor and will soon go away, there are times in which you may not want to even get out of bed thanks to the pain.

However, there are five good ways to get rid of muscle soreness fast and you can use one, two or all of them in helping you get over the pain quickly and easily.

NSAID Pain Relievers

Simple, over-the-counter pain relievers that are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) will both reduce the pain and swelling that occurs with sore muscles. In addition, they should help with any swelling the joints as well.

Be advised that using NSAIDs should be occasional as long term continuous usage may damage the liver. So, if you have not taken this type of medication in at least a few days, it will certainly bring you some quick relief.

Light Exercise

It may seem rather counter-intuitive that working out more will take away the pain, but in truth warming up the muscles will actually provide some real relief. Go for a brisk walk or light jog that will help the blood to circulate and heal the muscle tissues. After several minutes you should be feeling better.

Use a Foam Roller

A stiff cylinder of foam can help you massage the pain right out of your muscles. You can use the roller both before and after your workouts to loosen up the muscles. The roller itself works on the fascia tissue that basically connects your entire body so that when it is loose, your muscles can relax as well.

Add More Protein

The muscles use protein to rebuild after a workout, so adding more to your diet will actually reduce the muscle soreness you feel the next day. Lean meats are generally the best source of protein, but you can also eat beans or legumes as well as take a protein supplement. Be sure that your meal after working out contains lots of proteins.

Apply Ice

Although heat will bring some relief, you generally do not want to apply it immediately as it will only cause the muscles to swell up even more. Instead, you’ll want to apply ice to the affected muscles for about 10 to 15 minutes. If you are feeling muscle soreness all over, you may want to take an ice bath to relieve the pain.

Be sure to put a thin towel or cloth between the ice and your skin so that you don’t burn the affected area. After about 15 minutes, the swelling should be reduced which will take away much of the pain.

The next time you get out of bed with muscle soreness, you can try one or more of these methods to get rid of the pain quickly. Just be sure to take it easy at first so that you do not pull a muscle or create more damage in the process. Bottom of Form


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